Life Is Short But Wide

Life Is Short But Wide, a novel written by J. California Cooper. My book club members and I just read this book…It was pretty good. My topic, however, is not about the book, I just didn’t want to take credit for the title.

My topic:

Life is short but wide…and time is relevant. We like to go around talking about how short, long or quick a day, week, month, year was, but we never really seem to reflect on how much we’ve each done in that little short period of time.

For us, a year could have been so busy that at the end of that year, all we seem to know for sure is that it went by too quickly.

For a jobless person, a whole day might seem to drag on and on, not having much to do to occupy his/her time. But to an employed, or busy, person that same 8 to 15hr day might’ve felt like it went by so quickly they’re amazed that they got everything they needed to do done that day.

Life is short…we are born and after what seems like a time come way too soon, we die.

Life is short…we see birthdays, anniversaries, births, deaths, years, accomplishments, disappointments, years, come and years go.

Life is short… But those years, birthdays, anniversaries, births, deaths, accomplishments, disappointments, etc., all of that makes our lives wide.

Life is short but wide.

What you do in between living and dying…
What you witness in between living and dying…
Your laughter, your tears, your joy, your fears, your sadness…
All of what we’ve done, what we’re doing, what we want to do and wish we could do, might not expand our time, but it definitely widens our lives.

Life is short but wide…and time is relevant.

There’s an email I’ve read a couple of times that said something about the ‘dash’ between our born date and our death date.

The thing that stuck with me about the email was that the date you were born and the date you die are not the important details. The important details are held within that itty-bitty dash in between those years.

Life is short–so many things happened on the day you were born; and sadly the world doesn’t end on the day you die…

But life is wide–there’s so much that you do (or can do) before the end comes for you. That itty-bitty dash has a chance to say and mean SO much.

What is that little dash going to say about what you’ve done? How wide is your life going to prove to be within this short time that we’re allotted here?



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