Forget Mainstream Media And Society…

And let me tell you why:
When it’s all over said and done, MSM and/or society can’t die for me.
They cannot die for me; they can’t take my place in the grave; and when it’s time to stand before the Lord on Judgment Day, MSM and/or society can’t stand for me.
So, when I make moves and choice life decisions, I’m only going to listen to that still small voice that directs me either or. Ya know?

Ppl like to say that society would have you believe this or that, but I want to know just where “society” gets its conscience mind-set? Probably from the same place I get mine, they (or is society “it”?) just don’t want to be “politically incorrect” and admit it. ——> The Bible. The Word of God….which is really the only influence I adhere to.

When I say, “I would do this (or that), but that would make me such & such,” I’m just saying what I know that my Word tells me. There’s not anything MSM or society could tell me that would make me do, or not do.

I love the Lord b/c when He made us, He made each of us with free will and conscience and guilt. (After Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit and all, that is.) Thereby, empowering each of us to already know right from wrong, good from bad, “alright” and “okay” to “I’d really better not” and “I know better.”

I don’t need a buncha faceless ppl who are basically just like me telling me what I should & shouldn’t do; how I should & shouldn’t act; what I should & shouldn’t say; or how I need to be or not need to be.

Therefore, I say, Forget Mainstream Media and Society, I’ma do me and stand up and speak for myself when the time comes. If I make decisions that are contrary to what I know to be good and/or right, I’ll have myself to blame for not doing what I should have done to begin with.
Praise God!


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