It *Sounded* Good…Right? pt.2

So, last time, I talked about getting things done that we’d sounded so convincing while saying we were going to do those things.

(That sentence might sound a little weird, but I hope you get my point.)

This time, I’m going to talk about “stopping” doing things we’d like to stop doing. (Again, the sentence is a little weird, I’ll admit, but it makes the point…I hope.)

For example, (I’m going to use my very own very personal experience here) there is this guy that my conscious mind knows good and well that this man is not good for me, but for whatever reason, my self won’t let me leave this guy alone. For whatever reason, I want this guy, but I know I should leave him alone, but I don’t. I keep trying,  but I can’t seem to leave it be……….

Now, at least once a month, I tell myself, and my best friend, that I’m going to quit talking to this guy; I’m going to stop answering his calls/texts; and I’m going to stop allowing him to come over when he does call. And when I’m saying my little spiel, I’m sounding SO convincing, I even believe that I’m going to do it.

The speech sounded good…right?

But what happens? It doesn’t matter if 3days, 3wks, or 3months go by, when this particular man calls, I’m right there to answer his call; to be available to him for whatever.

Now, this blog is meant to be a positive reassurance to let readers know a couple of things: 1) You are not alone in this (if you’re one who succumbs) and 2) Keep trying to do it and eventually you’ll end up doing, or rather not doing that which you want to stop.

I realized a little while ago that recovering addicts (from anything) are still considered, and even consider themselves, to be  “addicts”  because of the way they fight the relative ease of falling back into their addiction.

I can so appreciate these people’s determination to keep fighting to not get locked back down into the life destroying habits they were involved in.

When we want to stop something we’re doing that we know is not good for us, does no good for us, and does not make us feel good, we have to start with baby steps sometimes. For some people, quitting anything cold turkey works best for them; for others, however, cold turkey only makes them want to do what they want to stop doing that much more.

But, I say that whatever works best for you is what you should do, as long as you DO SOMETHING. In order to stop doing, you’ve got to make a start. And when you do make a start, keep going. The concept is not much different from starting to do something you do want to do.

So, you make a bold statement: “I’m not going to do such-and-such anymore starting now. I know it’s going to be hard, but I really don’t want to do this certain thing anymore. So, I’m going to figure out a way to stop doing it, and then I’m not going to do it anymore after that.”

Yeah…and that sounded very convincing.

And when you fall back, if you do, don’t get discouraged, just start over and try not to do it again. Pray about it, give it to God, and eventually, let it go.

It doesn’t even SOUND easy; we know it’s not going to BE easy. Just get started.

Nicotine addicts stop smoking and re-start so many times even they can’t believe that they finally quit when they do.
Drug addicts will go to rehab more than a couple of times before the rehab “sticks”.
Don’t think that you’ll be anymore successful than these other people (unless you KNOW you can be) without a few fallbacks.

It may take a few kick starts, but don’t get discouraged…Just like you might need those jump starts to get going, you may need’em to slow down, too.

Don’t get discouraged, get enlightened…and start now. In no time at all, we’ll all have quit that bad habit that’s preventing us from moving forward in our grand scheme of things.

Our bold assertions sounded good and convincing coming out of our mouths because we want something good to come from our lives. Let’s not make ourselves into liars by not even trying.

As long as we keep trying to stop we can, and will be, successful.

What is it that you want to stop doing that you know isn’t bringing you any good in your life?
Have you begun taking steps to stop this yet? Are you of a mind to stop it yet? What’s stopping you?

Remember, success is not instant, but it IS attainable as long as we keep working at it.



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