Where Does Power Really Lie?

For years, I’ve heard and read the phrase “p*ssy power”. I’ve always wondered exactly what that meant.
Not that I ever have, or ever would for that matter, asked my mama or granny what that meant, but I can imagine what either of their answers would probably be.
Mama: “It means women can get what they want if they know how to use what they have.”
Mama would probably try to explain this phrase without ever using the phrase itself, or defining the “what they have part”; and would probably be meaning exactly all the sexual connotations inferred in that sentence.
Granny: “It means that if you hold on to what you’ve got as a woman, down there, you’ll have more power over men, up there (pointing at her head).”
Granny, too, would probably be meaning exactly all those sexual connotations as well and would refrain from actually using any vulgar words.
Now, with both women, I did say probably because as I mentioned, I have never, and will never ask the question. (R.I.P. Granny)
Now, I’ve tried to come up with my own answer, but succeed only in forming more questions.
For years, since I’ve been hearing that phrase “p*ssy power”, I always used to think that it would mean something much along the lines like my mama and granny…. like “hold on to the nookie; keep it to yourself for a while and you’ll get the respect, house, money, cars, and man you desire.” (Anyone familiar with Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea’s’ term “clink-clink”?)
If a woman is to follow that advice, maybe she would only succeed in using that “p-power” to repel men…to push her man to move on to the next one; leaving her alone and trying to figure out what she did wrong.
Some would say the “p-power” phrase means something like “give’em a taste of what he could have, and then no more until he gives you what you want in return.”
And, if a woman were to follow that advice, she might get left holding an empty bag if dude really only wanted the taste to begin with.
So, I ask: What is the real meaning of “p*ussy power,” and what actual good does it do a woman who has it?
Any further thoughts I might have on the topic kinda get jumbled after a while, but I think I have a viable solution to this puzzle.I believe the real power comes into play when a woman has an immense respect for herself ABOVE all others.
A woman should first respect herself as the treasured, valuable person she is mentally and physically.
She should have respect for her mind as the treasured gift that would be a terrible thing to waste (if I may borrow a phrase).
She should have respect for her body as the wonderfully made package that holds it all together.
And, finally, a woman should respect for her self…her goods…her cookies…her treasure……widely and simply put—-her “p*ssy“. This, as the gift that she would offer to the man she deems worthy of it as the most special thing she can offer him outside of the person she could be to and for him.
I think that when a woman respects herself within herself that is where the real “power” lies. To delegate this power to one part of a woman’s body leaves out all the potential the rest of her can give.


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