Let’s Talk Sports

There’s a lot of talk on Twitter by some of the guys I follow (and in real life) who seriously can’t believe that women can actually like and understand sports. A lot of these guys just really don’t believe it’s possible. Me, myself, I kinda, somewhat, to a point, agree with them. But, disagree with them at the same time.So, let’s talk sports…. Like a lot of women, like myself, who like football and basketball (and other sports) do. Now, I only like two sports: basketball and football.

(I absolutely HATE, DESPISE, and ABHOR two sports: golf (which in my opinion, should never ever be called a sport), and baseball.)

I love to watch football, but I couldn’t sit and hold a conversation on anything dealing with the statistics on the game. Hell, I can barely SAY the word “statistics” without having to stutter over it; I know I’m not interested in knowing about each team’s statistics in the NFL. Seriously; I could care less. Same goes for the NBA.
I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan. Have been ever since Tony Dorsett ‘s last season with them in 1987, when I was a kid. I didn’t know anything about football then, but Tony Dorsett was a runner and I heard his name a whole bunch in my household back then. ((LOL)) I like the Pittsburgh Steelers next. And then, even despite their declining performance these past few years, I’m still a Denver Bronco fan, too.
(I never wanted to play football (or any sport, for that matter, not even kick ball) but, for like, 2weeks, I did wanna be a cheerleader!)

Don’t get it twisted, though: Win, lose or tie, Cowboys fan til I die.

For basketball, I’ve only been a fan of basketball for the last 10yrs. When I split up with my husband, I kinda got attached to the TV for a lil while and the physicality of the game kinda attracted me (since I kinda wanted him to be hurt sometime…he liked playing basketball with his homies, see… :-/).
I’m a San Antonio fan. I love the camaraderie that I see within this team. This is why I’m a fan (although I do think they’re gonna need a few younger, healthier players on the team next season).
How am I a fan if I don’t understand what’s going on?
Well, seriously, what the heck is there to understand?
Dude’s got the ball, he shoots the ball towards the hoop (or that lil ring thing in the air :-)), if he makes it, he’ll get two points, if he misses, he gets no points. Sounds easy enuff to understand to me.

LOL– That’s for basketball.

I’ll admit that for football, it took me a few years after I began to really pay attention to the game (I was in high school then) that a touchdown was a touchdown and a field goal was mandatory after every touchdown. But then, the general details of the game was pretty good to me. I don’t gotta get all technical with the game to enjoy it. (Like guys feel like they have to.)
Now, I’m sure, that many women will like whatever team their men like at the time, but the way I, personally, like or dislike a team is pretty easy to understand.
There are whole teams in both sports that I straight don’t like just because I think one of the players is an a&&hole….regardless of that team’s “statistics”.
There are some players on teams that I wish would move around, because that player’s skill(s) is/are being wasted on a busted team.
And you know what? That’s cool with me.
One player a team does not make, but one team a player can make, IMO. And my opinion says that one player can make a team quite “sucky”…One team can make one player “too damned much.” (Lakers & Kobe Bryant, anyone?)

The ONLY reason, I don’t like the Lakers is because I am convinced that K. Bryant is a ball-hogging, stuck on himself, conceited-much, arrogant, giant kiddie cry-baby ass player. If he wasn’t so conceited with his “greatness”, I probably would have more respect for the Lakers as a team. But, because I have very little respect for K.B. as a player (I don’t know the “man” personally), I can do without the Lakers at all.
Because Lebron James is such a “sharing” dude on his team, I wish the Cleveland Cavs were a bigger team. Well, they’re big, already, but you know what I mean, hopefully. I wish they would’ve been able to make it to the Finals this year. L.J. is way too good of a player to not have a ring yet.

Anyway, this blog is just to say that women don’t need to know EVERYTHING about the game to be able to understand and enjoy it. We might (or I might) not be able to tell you if a charging foul is made on the dude who took the charge or on the dude who smacked into the other dude, or whatever, but we’re pretty sure that at some point someone shoulda had a foul called on’em! (wink wink)
And, let’s not forget (especially in football), those players (a whole heck of a lot of’em) are seriously some kinda hot-licious-fiya-fine looking! Okay!!!!


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