Feeling just….

Somewhere, deep down in my subconscious SINGLE mind, I’m feeling about this way:

I wanna touch you
feel you
taste you
love you.
I wanna share your joy
feel your pain
become close to you.
I wanna hear you
see you
smile at you
laugh with you.
I wanna know you
greet you
miss you
want you.
I wanna hold you
caress you
watch you.
I wanna be one with you
be the one for you.
I wanna care for you
make time for you
be there for you.
I just want you.

And kinda like this too….

No one has ever loved anyone
the way everyone wants to be loved.
No one has ever wanted love
the way everyone wants to give it.
Love is a pleasant emotion
but the disappointment it brings
leaves much to be desired.
How do we continue on this journey to
satisfy that one overwhelming desire?
That one need above all others?
You only have to continue putting
one foot in front of the other.
The journey never ends.
The need can never be met.
The only consolation is that you get to try and try
you get to mess up and mess up
And you get to do it over and over again….
Until you’re satisfied…
Because you’ll never get it right………..

Both of these I wrote almost 4yrs ago….and surprise, surprise!! I’m still feeling like that today….
Now, if I could find out who “YOU” are…I’d probably be alright. LMAO


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