How Do You Measure Success?

What makes one successful?
Is it having/earning a lot of money?
Is it running/owning your own company/business?
Is it as small as graduating from high school/college?

Can being a young, but good, parent count for being successful?
Does being married, or in a committed relationship, count as being successful?

What is it that makes one successful?
Is it the same thing for everyone, or is it a different definition for all?

Consider this: A woman, mid-30s, one child, divorced, single, gainfully employed, owns her own home, consistently pays all her own bills, graduated college with a bachelor’s degree, drives her own car, sorta kinda has her own business (has business cards to prove it) and has never been in jail, never been arrested, no trouble except driving tickets…and she wakes up every day, grateful to God that He has allowed her to wake up and try it again.
Do these things make her more or less successful, or not at all?
If you thought to ask this woman, what answer do you think she’d give? Would she agree with your assessment of her success, or lack thereof?

People measure success by a number of different things. I, personally, equate success with how one feels about oneself. Not Just one’s self-esteem, but one’s happiness with oneself.
I would love to believe that success equals happiness and that to be successful means that one is happy and content with what’s going on within one’s life.

That’s how I measure success. How about you?


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