My Mother, My Friend, My Sister

My Mother, My Friend, My Sister
(This is dedicated to my mother Francis Hadnott, who passed away on July 9, 2010. I will forever hold you in my heart and soul. I will love you even when it feels like I can’t love myself. I will miss you always, mama. I will NEVER forget you. Love you always, your daughter, La-Shanta Holloway)

My mother…
She brought me into this world
She showed me love, support, and tender loving care.
She taught me, nurtured me, healed me when I ailed.
She was strong for me, she was soft for me,
She was gentle for me…
She is my Mother.

My friend…
She laughed with me
She cried for me.
She got angry with me.
She forgave me.
She taught me still…
She is my Friend.

My Sister…
She prayed with me
She prayed for me.
She showed God to me
She showed Me God.
Together we grew in his love and
we became a family bonded
in an unbreakable bond of God’s love.
She is my Sister


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