Working it out

I’ve always wondered why ppl always encourages a vigorous work out session. I’ve never understood why someone would believe that doing something that feels so uncomfortable and makes you hurt so much afterwards is GOOD for you!

LOL That might be my laziness talking for real, but let’s examine this:
You go to a gym (or you workout at home or whatever) for an hour.
Your legs and arms start to burn after about 30mins;
You get short-winded right around the same time, gasping for air about 10mins later;
You’re sweating like crazy…and by this time forget “short-winded” YOU CAN’T BREATH!
And then, to top it off, THE NEXT DAY, every body part God bless you with wants to defy the natural order of things and quit working!
Your legs don’t wanna move, so you can’t really walk right.
Your arms don’t wanna raise up, so you can’t comb ya hair, brush ya teeth, etc.
Your feet ache and you don’t even KNOW why.
And ya stomach muscles ache when you breath, so you can’t even cry out in pain right!

And somehow, some way, someone is telling you that all of this is GOOD for you! Really? Are ya sure? Cuz I don’t see it quite that way myself, no. LOL

Yet, you still doit.
And then, you wanna add insult to injury by cutting off all the foods that taste good and give you pleasure.
All in an attempt to do what again?
Be healthy? Get fit? Humph!!! Yeah, Okay…I guess…………………………….

How about I’d rather be OK in the healthy, fit department but happy as a pic in slop, wallowing around, just oinking all over the place. Haha… Seriously, you ever see a depressed pig?

Tell me this: How many healthy, fit people do you REALLY know? If you’re honest you’re gonna say that those people look GOOD, but they’re not very nice. They rarely smile; and they’re not really good company. And why is that? Cuz those people are in pain and they’re asses is hungry as shyt! These people can’t help but be in a bad mood cuz they’re hungry, aching, and just plain uncomfortable! I’ve never seen anyone in an uncomfortable position be in a good mood.

No, but in all seriousness, I definitely understand the concept of dieting and exercise. I even exercise my own body every couple of weeks or so.  I don’t diet though. I think that if a person exercises common sense when eating, you’ll be alright in the dieting department.

Being overweight is mostly just another hereditary thing that you really can’t shake. It’s like having naturally brown eyes and wanting green eyes. Without some kind of intervention (contacts) you’re basically stuck with your brown eyes. Same with weight loss…without some kind of intervention you’re stuck with you fat. I get all that. But a lot of times, we just need weight CONTROL, not exactly LOSS and you don’t need a lot of intervention to have control.

Since there was no real point to my blog except to kill time while waiting for the MIT guys to reboot the server at work, I’m done. 🙂


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