You Can Do Anything You Want To Do

Wyclef-Jean is running for president of Haiti…

Hmm…Not that I’m gonna spend a WHOLE lot of time on this, but my question is–or rather I should say, my questions are–

1) Why?
2) Is he qualified?
3) Does he really think he can win?
4) Does he really think he can do the country some good?
5) Wasn’t he a rapper?

Okay, my first question could probably be answered if I paid more attention to the entertainment news. But er um…I don’t pay all that much attention to REGULAR news, so my first question will just go unanswered if no one gives me a clue.

My second question is a little more serious. Can Wyclef run for president of Haiti legally? I mean, here in America don’t you have to have been in politics, held some other kind of office officially before being allowed to run for president? So, in Haiti, are there some similar rules like that? Any prohibitions, or qualifications he’d have to meet in order to run for president in the first place?

My third question goes to the fact that I thought Wyclef had had a bunch of bad publicity going when the fundraiser thing after the devastating earthquake took place & people were not really supporting his efforts, and in fact were saying that he was stealing the money he was raising.
With all that, does Wyclef-Jean really think he has a chance of winning the presidential office of Haiti?

My fourth question is actually very serious. However, I don’t know what all it takes to be president. Nor do I know what kind of state Haiti is in; what the current president is dealing with, or what a new president might have to face once in office. I really would like to know if Wyclef-Jean thinks that what he can contribute to the country as president will do the country’s people any good.

My last question was just for fun. I know/knew he was a rapper.
It sort of makes me laugh that these people that have been in the entertainment business for so long suddenly wants to turn serious and hold some public office where bunches of people’s lives are involved. Arnold Schwarzenegger? That wrestler dude who’s like governor of some state?? Y’all know what I’m saying.

Of course, there was no point to this particular blog, but remember when our parents/guardians/loved ones used to tell us that we could be anything we put our minds to being?
That was some super advice and encouragement!
Or, how about this one” Whatever you end up doing in life, be the best one doing it?
That was some bomb-a@@ advice right there!
GOOD LUCK (??????) Wyclef-Jean!


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