Are You Fulfilling Your Purpose?

With all your success: financially, children, book-smarts, street-smarts business-savvy-ness, etc., do you feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose here in this life; or, is there something truly missing?

Here is my theory:

God created Adam and Adam was pure, he didn’t know at all what he needed, or that he’d even given God his heart. He didn’t know any of that, yet God decided that Adam needed a mate (Gen. 2: 18). But first, before making a woman, God created animals. And God must’ve said something like “Well, THAT didn’t work. Lemme try this.”  And THEN he made woman. And besides calling the woman “Woman”, the Bible doesn’t really say HOW Adam must have felt about Eve: about how he felt to have her companionship, how he felt to have her company, or whether or not he even felt like he wanted or needed a mate. But there she was and, I guess, they made it work.  Until that serpent devil came along, but……………….

I focus a lot on the story of Adam and Eve because, well, it started it all. Without their story there would be no our story. Adam and Eve are history from which we should understand a lot of things……..or not. At this point, I’m asking, again, about physical relationships between man and woman. Does the story of Adam and Eve explain why women, more than men, desire to be in a relationship? There’s a purpose that we’re (women) here for, but many of us are not fulfilling that purpose…. Let me break it down.

For me, it is sometimes very confusing as to how we are to seek God with everything in us, and we’re to be completely fulfilled when we do accept God and His way in our lives, but yet….if we are single men and women how are we supposed to be completely filled, happy, full of love, and joy when we are essentially MISSING our partner?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the Lord. I have the Lord. I have received and accepted His joy in my life. I am happy with what God has blessed me with. I truly believe  that God IS all one needs to be satisfied with life.


On the other side of that same hand, God basically created me, created women, to be a “helpmeet” to man. For single women, who absolutely love and trust, and believe in God, I can’t help but think that a lot of them HAVE to be feeling like I feel oftentimes: I feel like no matter what I do, I’m still missing something. We, through all that we’re doing and have done, are still not yet fulfilling our purpose. We have no mate to be a “helpmeet” for, so we are still unfulfilled and, basically, unsatisfied.

Of course, this is just MY opinion, and as I continue my walk with God, I’ll have to keep wondering, studying and learning about this one aspect in my personal thought process, but, I’m just wondering, for Christ-following women and others (I didn’t say “Christians” on purpose, but THAT is a whole other blog): How many of us feel this way?

Without a solid purpose for doing anything, I think (this is only MY opinion), everything that we do will keep us feeling unfulfilled, even, God please forgive me, loving, trusting, and believing in God. As much as we do so, it will still feel like not enough because we don’t see the fruit of our purpose, I guess you’d call it, being obtained. Here, in this earthly life, God designed us women to basically do ONE certain thing….be a helpmeet for our mate.

As women, we’re to love Him, love our man, and love our children. Preferably in that order. Well, when the order’s missing some key parts and we can’t do what we’re supposed to do, we are left with a job not well done, but half done. And who’s satisfied with that?

Not all women are gonna want to be married with kids; some women are not gonna wanna be married at all; some women are not gonna wanna have children; and we will, I suppose, exclude those women from the point of this blog. But, I think we all have to admit that without it we  keep going and keep doing, simply because not having those things–people–that purpose–and being able to love like we’re designed to is not giving us that ‘all satisfied’ feeling.

If you don’t feel that way, that’s okay because this is just my opinion on the subject.

But essentially, we women were created for a purpose: To be a “helpmeet” for our mates. Without a mate, we are not fulfilling our purpose and this will keep us feeling like SOMEHOW we are missing something. And so, I go back to asking:  With all your success: financially, children, book-smarts, street-smarts business savvy-ness, etc., do you feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose here in this life; or, is there something truly missing?


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