What Hurts The Most

When women use men for sex, does it hurt the woman more, or the man, in the long run? Or, is the damage the same all around, just portrayed differently between the sexes?

Men seem to be okay with choosing a woman to be their personal “rocks-off” go to chick without having any qualms about how she’d end up feeling in the end. Forget her hurt… Forget any feelings she may have for him… Forget the feelings she may have about herself… Forget anything but the fact that he got his nut (excuse the language).

Now, let’s flip the script on him…………………………………………………

Let’s say that she used him for sex. How does he feel then? Especially, if NOTHING is exchanged except a few friendly words and some bodily fluids. (I understand MOST women ain’t going for that. I’ve got something to say about THAT topic, but not here, not today.)  When nothing is exchanged between man & woman but niceties and bodily fluids, why does it turn out bad for the woman when it is her who initiates it? But, dudes get like a pass for the same thing?

A woman gets called so many names, she gets treated so differently when it’s learned that she only wanted dude for a little nookie and to get HER nut (excuse the language).

When a guy, who initially started off saying that he only wanted a woman to get down with, finds out that indeed that’s all she wanted, he gets the nerve to act all indignant and he’s upset and beside himself with feelings of being used.

I’m confused as to why that is.

Why is he upset when he SAID that sex was all he wanted to begin with? Why does he name call now, when basically the woman accommodated his wants/needs without pretense of wanting or needing anything else herself? And, why is he upset when, if the shoe was on the other foot, he wouldn’t have a second thought about it?

Why does the woman have to be a “slut” or a “hoe” (which is technically a wrong assessment, but I’m not going there right now)? Why can’t she be one who just didn’t want to get “too deeply involved”? Why couldn’t she be one who was “just wanting to have some fun”? Or, why couldn’t she be the one who just “wasn’t ready for a real relationship right now?”

Is it because it is automatically assumed that women are going to feel more deeply about a guy, sex, and relationships in general?
Is t because it is automatically assumed that women just don’t do that sort of thing?

I’ll tell you what I think…and then you can tell me what you think.

Personally, I think that IS the reason. Going back to my last post, I believe that it is believed by the general public that women are SUPPOSED to want more, to feel more, and to treat guys way differently than men treat us women. I mean, women were created to be a company piece for men, not the other way around, right? (I can be positive and negative about that whole topic, because there is just too many valid arguments on both sides of that coin.)

I think that it is because of this belief that women end up hurting more than guys when they use guys for sex.
I don’t think the hurt is necessary, or even fair, but I do think that even though some women may try to hide it, women take on more damage than guys.

But, what can be done about it? I don’t know; I really don’t, but that’s what’s been on my mind. I’d love to hear what you have to say about it?


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