Don’t Group Me

I read a blog tonight via Twitter about black people not liking internet dating. I tried to comment but the stupid thing told me that I had to sign in, then it deleted my comment. Grrrr….. LOL

So, here I am…… chat about something I don’t really care all that much about, but I do have an opinion on it nonetheless.

Well, that’s kind of misleading. I don’t really have an opinion on black people not liking internet dating; I have a comment about the blog I read (which was pretty well written, I must say).

My comment is this:

The blog author did not in any way post a disclaimer about there being “some blacks” who didn’t like internet dating, (except to say that some blacks used internet dating sites to get laid) and I believe that that was a big mistake. Especially since the majority of that blog spot’s readers will be black people.

When researchers do a study on people liking or disliking something, for the most part, they generally give a percentage of the number of people who said they liked or disliked a thing. This keeps the researchers out of trouble from generalizing (grouping all of a people) about something.

As a writer, you should never really say “black people don’t like” without using a leader like “some…” or “a lot of…” or “most…”, something that will keep you from grouping all people in one group about a certain thing. Definitely not when you haven’t done the necessary study to actually prove the statement. As a writer, you want to avoid making false statements (unless writing a fiction book, and even then there’s got to be some truth to the things you’re writing about–fantasy fiction excluded.) A lot of people might take offense to you throwing them into a group of opinion on a thing without you even knowing what their opinion really is about the thing you’re speaking of.

I didn’t agree with the blog writer’s assessment that black people didn’t like internet dating anyway. I was almost offended that the author didn’t say “some” or “most”; or even more correctly the author could have (in my opinion should have) said something like “Most black people I know…”, that would have been a more correct statement AND it would have left the author free from posting a generalizing post, which I think, is the most offensive thing you can do to all individuals as people.

So, today this blog is just a post about how to NOT generalize in your blog posts. Don’t accidentally piss folk off by making us all seem the same when we are actually different, even when we sometimes like, or dislike, a certain thing.


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