Just Shut Up

I read a blog post this morning about a chick who proclaimed that she did not “give head”.

Now, we all know I could care less about what this young miss does or does not do in the privacy of a bedroom (or wherever she chooses to get down). My comment stems from the fact that she went and wrote a whole blog explaining why she doesn’t.

And here is where my blog title comes in at: Just Shut Up!

You young people (and some of y’all as old as me) need to learn how to NOT put all of your business all over the place.

You wanna suck the skin off ya dude? Guess what? Do that, but don’t share that!
Your dude can shave ya sh*t with just his tongue and ya juice for shaving cream? Guess what….don’t be telling that either!

Let it be good enough to proclaim that where you and your man stand, you and he together got that “Good Good”, as Ashanti would say.

It is nobody’s business what kinda sexual things go on between a man and a woman. Nobody needs to know what you’re doing with your guy/girl. Just shut up about it.

Seriously, I believe that that is the reason there’s so many “side pieces”:
Most of the time, the side chick (or dude) is a friend of the one being cheated on…and it’s because all the mains are telling ALL DA BIDNESS!

Ladies, stop giving all the juicy details. If you wanna tell your bestest friend in all the world that your man makes you climb the headboard and walls; fall out of the bed; and scream for mercy every night of the week except Sunday (cuz that’s when you rest) then just say it like that. (I wouldn’t tell it at all. I’d just suffice it to say that dude was treating me RIGHT and leave it at that…but that’s just me.)
Don’t elaborate.
Don’t give details about his head game, his hip action, or even his kissing skills. (And if you just GOTTA tell it……..make sure your bestest friend in all the world is gay and ONLY wants another chick…and preferably not you.)

All these details are gonna make your friend curious as sh*t, and despite her BEST of intentions of NOT trying to get with your man, she’s gonna slip and try it anyway. (You just make it sound TOO TOO good.)
And despite HIS best intentions, it’s gonna happen.
And really, while I’m NOT trying to pass the blame here, a lot of that “side” encounter is all your fault for blasting your big mouth!

It doesn’t matter if you think people think you ain’t getting good sex, you don’t have to try and convince them differently. Really, it’s none of their damned business and no matter what you say, they’re gonna think what they want to think. Let people think what they want to think: regardless of how hard you try, you cannot control the way another person thinks anyway. You might can prove them right or wrong, but they are going to think what they want to and there is nothing you can do about it. So, just leave that alone.

The blog I read this morning: the author wrote that someone told another someone she knows that what one chick won’t do, another chick will… and that’s all that side chick will be good for.

I had to think: And you’re gonna be happy with your man going out to get his knob polished by another chick because you won’t even try it for him? Because of some words you heard associated with chicks who DO have oral sex with their men? Hmmmmmmm…. I’d rather not, but again: That’s just me.

What really got to me was the aforementioned “words heard associated with chicks who do give head”.
Who in the HELL cares about what other people say about other chicks? Oh wait, apparently, some of y’all do because you focus so hard on everybody else.

Stop listening to what other people have to say because I can tell you this: (watch the “ebonics”) They asses frontin’!! All they asses giving head—-and they LIKING THE SH*T OUTTA THAT SH*T!! And not only are they giving it, they are GETTING it and I can say almost with a 95% chance of certainty: They are LOVING that!

The point is this: If you don’t wanna do some things, great, don’t do them.
If you DO do some things, good for you.
If you wishy-washy about some things, well…that’s on you, too.
But, by all means, keep your personal and private things to yourself and your mate. Stop telling EVERY-DAMN-THING. Stop getting offended by EVERY-DAMN-THING. Play some sh*t close to the vest and SHUT THE HELL UP about it!


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