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A lot of times, I try to stay out of the public media mess, but this thing with Bishop Eddie Long has me intrigued a little bit. Maybe “intrigued” is not the right word…but I wouldn’t say “troubled” either. I don’t know, I’ll just leave it like it is.

I have no say about Bishop Long’s guilt or innocense; that’s just not something I can even guess on with the amount of evidence (or lack thereof) presented in the case through the media at this time.

However, before I continue, let me say: The Lord knows what’s up, and may He deal with each party respectively in His will and judgment. And God bless all the men involved in this mess.

Also, let me say that I believe that there’s something much deeper at the core of these accusations that either haven’t been revealed, or isn’t very newsworthy yet.

Now, on to why I’m really writing this blog…. MY OPINION! Please remember when reading that this is SOLELY based on my opinion. I am not a facts person or a study person. I haven’t spoken to any “test subjects” concerning this. The next few things I say here is completely and 100% JUST my opinion.

About young black men and sexual coercion.
I am of the opinion that, in this day and age, since the dawn of the 2000s, no black boy between the ages of 14-19 can be coerced into having sexual relations with another male person UNLESS that boy wants to or is curious to begin with.

That’s just what I believe. And without some proof somewhere…can’t nobody tell me differently.

Most of our young black men (most of the young men regardless of race, period, but I’m focused on blacks in this blog) are already so homophobic that they’d literally and willingly break a dude’s arm if a guy tried to touch them in any way that the lil black guy even thought might be a gay jesture. The little guy would surely pop a man’s nose for even suggesting that he might want to experiment with the young man. I can’t see that, in this day, that too many black kids would even let “The Lord wants us to do this” be much of an encouragement to do something they just plumb didn’t want to do…especially anything sexual with another man.

I’m not saying that it couldn’t happen, I’m just saying that I don’t see it happening in our young black boys…without their consent, curiousness, or thrill of the *experience*.
Saying that, let me add that if it DID happen, I don’t see the lil boys continuing unwillingly for years on end.
Having said that, these 3 boys, young men, who are accusing Bishop Eddie Long seem very upset about something (Just going off what I’ve read on and really want to hurt the bishop in a way that the bishop won’t soon forget.
The way the world works, they will most likely get their wish. The media, the public, the members of the bishop’s flock, a judge and jury (should things happen to get that far) will surely all judge the bishop’s supposed action based simply on what these three young men said.

And hardly no one, or very few, will really look at what these young men are accusing Bishop Long of and see if these accusations could be stemming from something else. No one will really look PAST what these young men are accusing and check out the young men themselves.

I’m not saying that what they said happened didn’t happen, I’m just asking if it happened the way they said it did or is there something else pushing them to say that it did.
There’s nothing fair and/or Godly in this mess.
No one knows what the truth is but those 3 young men, Bishop Eddie Long, and the good Lord above.
But, this much is for sure:

Lives will be halted, possibly ruined.
Trust will be retracted, never again to be extended.
And people! People will be doomed yet again by their own swift (possibly incorrect) judgments, opinions, and nastiness.

There cannot be a good outcome from this and I just pray that I don’t get caught up in it anymore than I already am.


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