Overweight…Don’t Hate

I’m fat. FAT, not that PHAT we got from Chris Tucker in that movie that one time (although, I do believe that in some ways, I am Pretty Hot And Tempting. LOL)

Honestly, speaking from a very personal place, I am a big woman. I am overweight, and only sometimes, does it bother me. It bothers me to be a big woman when I read posts/articles about big women which harp on big women NOT doing things to NOT be big.

Lemme tell you, I’ve tried numerous times to lose weight. At first, I thought I was doing it for my health (because everyone keeps saying that being overweight is so unhealthy) but then, I found out that the more exercising I do, the more my blood pressure actually rises from the normal range for me.

Then, I tried losing weight to feel better about the way I looked, but (besides this wide middle that ONLY surgery is going to get rid of) I am really FINE with the way I look. Mary J. Blige has a song in which the hook (or whatever it’s called) goes like this:
“So, I like what I see when I’m looking at me when I’m walking past a mirror…”
No, bullshyt, but that’s my shyt! (Excuse my french and german…lol)

Then, at last, I figured I’d just workout to keep up the figure I was given. Yeah, that’s the only reason that works for me.
No matter how much I dedicate to trying to lose weight through eating healthy and/or exercising, I don’t get very far down the road by doing it.
(I once spent a whole year going up and down the stairs at my job…the WHOLE year…do you know that I NEVER made it up those stairs without being short of breath? I NEVER made it up those stairs without gasping for air, my heart beating like it was going to come out of my chest…AND I NEVER lost more than 5 lbs that whole year! Incidentally, I can’t DOWN stairs very much because of arthritis in my knee I think resulted in a car accident I had after that year. And going UP the stairs STILL makes me winded, but I’m not alone in that…The smallest chick in our office gets winded at those damn stairs. :-/)
These days, I just keep a little workout routine going to ensure that I don’t get any BIGGER than I am. And I try to eat right, but I’ll be honest and tell you: I LIKE cake, cookies, ice cream and Coke soda: None of those things will be cut from my “diet”, but I know not to overdo…and workout a little bit more when I do indulge.

But, for real, many people talk about overweight and obese people like those people ALWAYS have a choice. And that’s just not a fair assessment. I am not going to spout research here (because I don’t want to DO the research at the moment…sue me. LOL), but let me just say that a WHOLE FRIGGING LOT of people do not have a choice about their body size.

Sure, there are SOME obese and overweight folk who are overweight and obese simply because they don’t do anything about it. (I have a homegirl who ALWAYS eats fast food late at night, like after 9:30pm and then complains that her waist line is getting bigger all the time……..But she won’t stop eating that late at night.) But, for those OTHER fat folk, they try very hard to work on themselves and for whatever reason, they just can’t seem to lose any weight at all, or only a precious few pounds.

It’s actually kind of like really skinny people who really WISH they could GAIN weight but never do, and then these people are considered to be in perfect health.

I can’t tell you how to think; and I can only hope that when you tell your fat jokes, you try to do so without delivering a fatal blow to some overweight person’s soul. But, just know that not everyone who is overweight/obese is lazy, or are over-eaters, or are deserving of your contempt.


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