Warning Signs

Warning signs…

They are all around us. Some times they are subtle; some times they are as blatant as the thumbs on our hands.

Warning signs are always around.

Whether we want to admit to seeing them, noticing them, paying attention to them, or even sending them. We can’t say they aren’t there.

And when things go in ways contrary to how we would have wished, we can’t say that there wasn’t any signs.

Some times the signs are so small and subtle that it’s possible that we’ll ignore them as if we didn’t see them. These are those little things that nag at us, small things that pester at us, but things which we will decide at the time just isn’t a big deal enough to worry about.

Ex: You could get an “uneasy” feeling while doing something you’re really not sure you should be doing. Or, if in a relationship, it could be a warning sign in the form of something your mate does that bothers you a bit; or it could even be something your mate says that you do that bothers him/her. You don’t really pay attention to these little things, because they just really don’t seem to be all that big a deal.

Until it is. Only, it’s not just that one thing anymore. It’s a bunch of other little things you ignored because they just weren’t that big a deal when the signs were going off. Now, the whistle has blown and the problem is now a fire that is about to turn into a backdraft as soon as a whiff of air (one more little warning sign) hits it.

Bigger warning signs are more blatant. Those are the ones that you can’t help but see and yet you still ignore them.

Ex: My daughter NEVER heeds the blatant warnings when she’s about to get into trouble. She just barrels on her way to trouble without ever looking. I could say, verbally and loudly that I’m gonna smack her and yet, when she gets that pop, she’s standing there wondering why in the heck she just got smacked.

Warning signs: They might not even be in the form you think they should be in. They may not even be warning you of the problem you think is about to come up, but something completely different.

This past Thanksgiving holiday week, I went to pick up my daddy and my sister for them to stay with me and celebrate Thanksgiving together with me. I drove to their town to pick them up. Almost the moment we got back to my town, this little light in the dash of my car came on indicating there might be a problem with the engine or something. It took me a few days to get the light checked out; I found out that I’m going to have to have the fuel filter changed.

But, here’s the kicker: when I drove my daddy and my sister home, the light in the dash in my car went off. Honest to God, that light blinked off about 3 minutes after my daddy got out of the car for good. (I dropped my sister off last.)

And it hasn’t came on since.

I’ll still go to get my fuel filter changed, but the warning sign (thought about after the fact) about what was to come with my daddy could not have been louder, in my opinion. Let me tell you, the visit was stressful, too much, and completely strained the entire time my dad was there. The indication that the “fuel filter” was compromised in my house was definitely NOT a subtle warning…I just didn’t know the warning pertained to what was going on in my HOUSE and not my CAR!

Now, that was just an example of how warning signs can pop up to let us know that things are not going to go exactly as how we planned them, but we can probably agree that if we pay attention to what’s going on around and in us, we’d be able to see for ourselves that a fire is brewing before the flames get to out of hand.

Warning signs………….
They ARE all around us when we need them. We can choose to notice them and take appropriate action, or we can choose to not notice them and feign shocked when things so differently than how we expected them to go.

It’s up to us. It’s up to you. Do you notice, or continue to play blind to, the warning signs in your life?


One thought on “Warning Signs

  1. Yeah, I definitely am tuned in to warning signs, or as I call it, “Intuition.” Most people I know aren’t tuned in, I have found, or like your sister they simply don’t care about the consequences. I can recall countless situations in which I’ve given someone a clue that something bad was about to happen to ’em if they proceeded on the path they were on, yet they ended up catching the wrath anyway. Classic example–the guy I shot in the ass with a BB gun for stealing a kiss. lol

    Ah well, their bad.

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