What ya know

I’ve never been one to be real good at “selling myself.” Even when I was a kid, I wasn’t a very good Girl Scout trying to sell the cookies. (And we all know those things could sell themselves!)
I’m not exactly shy….but then, I am.
I want people to know me and to want to know me, but I kinda don’t want to put myself out there to be known.

This past May, I took out a DBA (Doing Business As) for my idea of starting a typing company. I’m calling it La-Shanta’s Typing Service (I’m not very imaginative when it comes to names and such, I know.)
Basically, what my business is is it’s a work at home service for me, specializing in offering my typing skills/services to people who may need typing work done but don’t have the time or skill of their own to do it.

I think the idea is a great one. I am available to work for college students, small businesses, attorneys, even doctors, writers and other businesses.
BUT, I’m not so very good at networking. And I just don’t know that many people. I tweet my services on Twitter, and when I can (remember), I post it on Facebook. But, not having thousands of followers or friends, I’m not real sure that these posts are being seen and/or taken seriously.

So, I’ve begun to think about how I can get more exposure in order to network more so that I can get my name out there. I’ve been thinking, but I’m still not sure what I need to do. I may be good at typing and browsing the ‘net, but my computer skills (beyond typing) are quite limited. Knowing this, I try to “stay in my lane” and stick to what I know.

I’m just afraid that what I know won’t get me very far.

Is that just sorrowful thinking, or is there something I’m missing that’s not going to cost me a whole lot or require more computer knowledge than I possess?

A girl would surely love it if you readers would let me in on what you know, if what you know can help me advance. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “What ya know

  1. Have you looked at meetup.com? It’s designed to help anyone create a group with a common interest or need. If there is interest in your area, you could arrange to meet with other small business owners, not only to get their ideas, but to form a sort of support network, so you can all help each other. You might make some new friends as well as business contacts.
    A friend met her current boyfriend, as well as some friends and contacts, largely through a single meetup she joined!

  2. Post your services around college campuses on flyers, listing your pricing (make it dirt-cheap so the college kids can afford it, lol). Advertise online at yellowpages.com, also. You might want to consider taking out a 1/2-page ad in your local Sunday newspaper, too; have it run for a month– see how much business you get that way.
    Your demographic will most likely be people older than age 40, and those too busy/lazy to type their own stuff. Put yourself in their shoes, focus on what people like them normally do, and you should be fine… Good luck with your business!

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