What You See

Imagine wanting a new car. You go out, and you look around. You don’t see what you want, you keep looking.
Finally, you see the car for you. You’re looking at it and it looks great.
The car is the perfect color.
It has the perfect body.
It’s just the right size for your family.
It’s the right make and model.
Your friends are looking at it, exclaiming over how fine your new car is.
You get it home………………

And it sits there.
And sits there.
And sits there.

Your friends start asking why you don’t drive your car anywhere. They ponder what’s wrong with it.

And reluctantly, you’ve gotta tell’em that the car looks good, but it really ain’t shyt.

“Man, what? That car is perfect, man. Whatchu mean, it ain’t shyt?”

So, now you’ve gotta point out all that’s wrong with this perfect car.

You can’t sit on the driver’s side…There’s no seat.
The rearview mirror has been blacked out, you can’t check behind you.
The car’s air and heating system don’t work, so you get no relief from the heat in the summer or cold in the winter.
And hell, if you could drive it, you can’t even have a soda or nothing to drink cuz the thing don’t even have cupholders!
No rest….
But, what’s worse, and most important ain’t shyt under the hood.

“Man, whatchu mean ain’t shyt under the hood? We saw you drive it home. It sounded like it was running good.”

Yeah, that car was good for the few miles to get you home from the dealership to your driveway. And busted out on you as soon as you pulled in. As a matter of fact, you had to PUSH IT to get it to it’s final resting place!

The engine crapped out. The alternator quit alternating. The starter stopped. The transmission quit transmitting. The electrical system bailed on you.

And it cost too much (of your money and your pride) to take it back to the dealership to be worked on.
(Because first of all, it won’t move…AND secondly (and secretly), the dealer TOLD you the thing needed some major work, but you had ya friends in one ear and your common sense slipped out the other.)

And the *eff’d* up part about this whole thing? You’re STILL spending the money for the outside to still shine. You’re STILL doing what it takes to keep that car looking good!

It can’t do shyt for you, cuz mechanically, it ain’t shyt; but you still want your friends to see how fine it is, so you keep up with appearances.

All the while, you’re just plumb unhappy with a fine, ain’t shyt, but don’t look like shyt piece of crap car that you wish you could return to sender!

You got that analogy?

Now, just imagine how many men and women are stuck in physical relationships with fine, but ain’t shyt, men and women. And for appearance sakes, they’ll keep those relationships going until the fine, but ain’t shyt moves on to something else.

They won’t even try to *sell* their piece of ain’t shyt to another person who might can get the thing running……………….


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