This blog is a rant. <– That’s my disclaimer.


I feel like I MUST have done something terribly wrong in another, past relationship life. These days, I hook up with seemingly pretty good guys…who turn out to be very visible asshole-ish types of dudes.

I mean, I can’t seem to catch a break with a decent guy. The guys I meet make it plain as my face that they’re basically just out for the screw, no relationship ties, no friendship ties, none of that. They just want the booty-call and the push on. And for the most part, I seem to avoid those types of relationships. I’ll admit that every once in a while, I might slip. But, I’m pretty good with not sleeping with EVERY guy I come into contact.

Recently, I met this dude. (Let’s call him Blank—cuz on sensitivity, he was). Blank is very cute, sexy even. He’s got nice dark, chocolate skin; about 2 to 3 inches taller than my 5’5; he’s fit and seemingly strong. He’s got a great voice. Shyt, dude is freaking male-model-handsome. Okay, yes, that caught my attention. I first came across his picture on I LOOK at a lot of pictures on there. I try to limit my conversation with any dude on there because, I mean, come on the site IS called But, Blank sent me a msg with all the correct introductions and he seemed nice in his conversation.

After a few conversations with him online, I gave him my phone number and we ended up having a lot of text msgs conversations. And a few phone calls, but he’d said that he works 3 jobs (Why? I don’t know. HOW? I really wonder.) so I understood that he didn’t have very much time to actually TALK on the phone. Then, there was an evening when he was passing thru Beaumont and he stopped by just so that we could get a face to face meeting. That was like a 3 minute stop over. Literally. And I was perfectly fine with that. I learned that night that he didn’t live in Beaumont, or Texas, even, but over in neighboring Louisiana. Baton Rouge.

Well, I knew then that things might not go so smoothly, because, I really dislike driving. I mean driving around town, sure, that’s cool. But, I don’t really like having to get up on the freeway, leave town, be in the car for more than 20 mins at a time. Hell, I’ve got my auntie and her fam in Houston that I haven’t seen since Halloween because I don’t want to drive to see them. Although, I really WANT to see them. I miss them. But, anyway. Blank came to see me not to long ago (about 11pm) and when he was leaving the next morning (about 7am) he asked me when I was coming to see him. Told him eventually and explained my dislike of driving. And that was the end of that conversation.

Well, yea, yesterday, I questioned when we’d see each other again. Phone calls and text msgs are good, but no way to sustain a budding relationship of any kind. We sent a few text msgs back and forth, before he needed some clarification on one that I’d sent and Blank called me. I was talking to him, and he was YELLING at me right off the bat into the phone conversation. I asked him to calm down but dude said that that’s just the way he talks. So, I tried to continue the conversation but he kept yelling into the phone at me. I asked God for some patience and right when I was doing that Blank called me SELFISH! Because I had said that I didn’t want to be driving such a long distance to end up spending only a few hours, and he said that he did it, and I said that he offered to do that…I didn’t demand that he make the trip under those conditions. And then he said that I “should be” calling him a “good person” because he made the trip when no one else would have.

And HERE is where the rant comes in at!

Negro please!!
First of all, TOO MANY dudes ask to COME TO MY HOUSE TO SEE ME! Stop acting like you’re the only interested motherf**ka!
Second of all, Blank, you came to my house TO SCREW me. You didn’t come for a visit. You didn’t come for a DATE. You didn’t come to hang out. You came to screw. We screwed. You slept. You left.


If I’d be perfectly honest with myself about the sex, hell….I coulda done better with my B.O.B. under the bed here. BUT, I liked THE PERSON attached to the dangling object and was willing to work with what I had.

Anyway….because I’m SO NOT diplomatic in my speech, what I said into the phone was (accurate of what I’d typed here, but not exact in the wording….PLEASE get the meaning) and Blank hung up in my face.

WHY oh WHY can’t I just get a plain and regular and understanding and compromising and not so easily angered and not so confrontational and not so childish and not so mean and please can he be local-type of dude?

I must have done something terribly wrong in a past relationship life, NOT to be able to get it right today.


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