“You Say What, Now?”

Men think they are the only ones who do it.
Brush up the lady’s ego with sweet words of acceptance; call the lady cute little pet names; please her with tight feelings of sexual pleasure.

But, you know what, fellas?

Women actually have y’all beat on that score.
You see, y’all ain’t necessarily doing it right.
What y’all do is whisper all the sweet nothings, lay the *pipe* pretty good, and then leave and walk out the door without so much as a backward check & see if she’s still buying what you’re selling glance.

What y’all are doing is teaching us.

What we learn is to keep checking to see that you’re still smiling (perceivably) at our gullible-ness.

You see, when women are stroking men’s egos with (mostly–at first) false words of acceptance  and acknowledgement, we make sure that they’re still believing what we’re saying to them.

We can be in the midst of our friends, family, co-workers, hell another lover, a potential mate, a complete stranger while we wax eloquent to you in a text message or a voice mail, in your ear, and even to your face. We’re not going to let the presence of another person stop us from making you feel like King It, even if we don’t necessarily feel what we’re saying (at that particular moment). We’re doing it cuz it makes YOU feel good.

And because y’all LIKE what you’re hearing so much, you believe us and think that we’re being completely honest (or are completely *d–k whipped*) and you tend to try to run over us as if we don’t know you’re trying to play us.

Now, the problem comes in when some women start to actually believe the eloquent words of affirmation that they’ve been spouting to the man. The chick hardly get to spend any time with this man who rarely does anything that the chick has been saying to him, and he is not even keeping the sex game tight with her anymore. This woman starts to believe the stuff she’s saying and she ends up developing feelings (she thinks) for the guy.

(Ugghh!! Gag me with a fork, ladies! Get a grip!!!!)

Only, she can’t really be having feelings for the guy, but she could be developing “phantom feelings” for the “phantom man” she has created in her mind with all those warm and cozy words of affection. What happens here? I don’t really know. I’ll admit, I’ve been on this road before, and it felt STUPID AS HELL (but that’s neither here nor there) once I caught a damn grip. (One lives, experiences, learn, hopefully, and moves on.)

Most of us women would just hope that our faux-admiration would blossom into something for real…. But what I think generally happens is that the relationship gets somehow cut short and we move on to a different guy later to start the cycle over again. LOL THIS part men seem to do so well: not falling for the false words directed at the women they’re pumping up. Unfortunately, this lesson most women cannot learn.

There’s no “lesson” here, it’s just a reflection.
This blog is to tell myself to be careful of my own BS because, I can be an elaborate painter of words when I want to be, but sometimes, I can fall for my own crap, too.

Words are powerful, even when there is no real power behind what you’re saying.


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