What do I REALLY blog about?

Why don’t I blog about fashion, make-up, or music?

Well, I don’t have the fashion sense necessary to tell other people what’s fashionable.
*I don’t have the “girly” sense to care that much about new, upcoming fashion trends. (I don’t even LIKE most upcoming fashion trends.)
**I don’t have the money necessary to purchase what others think is fashionable. (I can barely afford the Wal-Mart specials and Lane Bryant bras!)
***I would NEVER pay more than $20 for a top, or more than $30 for some bottoms. I’d never pay more than $35 for a dress at all! ****When it comes to shoes, I’m Payless and The Shoe Show all day. I’m never giving more than $20 for shoes, unless they’re boots and then I’m only giving up as high as $55 for those. I don’t do heels, and I’m VERY sure that Mr. Jimmy Choo ain’t missing my meager cash, no.
*****I don’t wear make-up. I used to when I was a kid in high school and I ended up not liking the amount of time it took to wash my face every night. I don’t like using soap on my face cuz it clogs up my  pores and leaves my face bumpy and looking like an asteroid smashed into the back of my head and came out the front of my face through my cheeks. (I use alcohol once a week, and a warm hot towel every night.) I actually go through the day with the same face/skin I woke up in.

Saying all that, I cannot give make-up advice.

******I purchase my underwear and bras from Lane Bryant where I can get 5pair for $29.00 and two bras for the price of one and a half.

See, I can’t give fashion advice, at least not the kind I read about online, simply because I am not that savvy where it counts.

I can give CHEAP advice, but who wants that? Apparently not anyone who is searching online.

I already explained once why I don’t do music…I don’t know enough, aside of what I, personally, like to do that either. (And too, it’s just not that important to me.)

So, I blog about stuff I know…ME, MYSELF, and I.

I know me, so I blog about what I’m feeling, what I’m thinking, what I want to do sometime in my life, what I’m seeing. And if there comes up a topic that I might be able to share in, I’ll try that, too.

Mostly, I blog to show off my writing skills. I sometimes hope that someone reading would let me know where I might need improvement…but that’s just a hopeful wish I keep having every now and again.

Hope you have fun reading me anyway.


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