Can I Be His Friend? (A Chris Brown Post)

I think I might be one of the very few people in the world who wants to be Chris Brown’s friend.

And not because of his fame, fortune, and crap.

I normally don’t get all involved in celebrity news/gossip, but for whatever reason, I can’t hold my tongue on this one. So, I’m gonna talk about it…….

When I say that I want to be Chris Brown’s friend, believe me, it’s not because of his fame, or his monetary success, or even because he’s sorta kinda cute to me, either. It’s because I’m probably one of only about 1200 people who thinks he could just use a friend.

Not a PR person.
Not a scolding parent.
Not a brown-nosing friend.
Not a fan.
Not a hanger-on.
Not a groupie.

Just someone the lil dude can sit down with, talk to, talk AT, chill with, and be cool with. Without the scolding. Without the pressure of expectancy. Without the judgment.

I think that I could be this kinda friend to him because, first and foremost, I CANNOT judge him or his actions without judging myself first.

CB was all the rage without a care in the world until he hooked up with Rihanna. He was the lil man coming up, inspiring young’uns to do what he was doing (or to continue doing what they were doing in their own rights) until that oh, so fateful day in February 2009.

After that, with very little evidence, and a clearly doctored photo of a “battered Rihanna”, ol’ CB became Public Enemy #1!
It was *RE-DONK-U-LOUS* the way “EVERYBODY ‘N THEY MAMA” crucified that young man without EVER hearing a public word from the actual “victim”. SMH

When I think of what they said CB did to Rihanna, after hearing only bits and pieces of the “story”, I KNEW that I would be totally wrong for damning that man. Had I been a man, with the bits and pieces of the “story” I’d heard, I KNOW I’d have smacked a ***ch, too! (But that’s just me.)

And I took a strong look at the fact that this lil dude LEFT HIS CAR (LAMBORGHINI) in an unfamiliar area without his keys in hand. And everybody kept talking about he shoulda just walked away. Yeah, okay.

Fast forward 2years later. Ol’ boy has fallen all over himself apologizing and shyt.
(We’ve heard NOTHING from Rihanna, the “victim”, since (nor DURING) the “incident”. But, no one jumped all over her, the “victim” when she’s heard singing the hook to a song basically GLORIFYING domestic violence!) He’s done his community service time… He’s done the anger management thing. (That wouldn’t have worked for me. Shoot, my anger can’t be managed!) He’s trying¬†valiantly¬† to move on with his life. He’s trying to do something besides brood over that one time that might, or might not, be one of the biggest events in his life, not just career.

And what happens? One of HIS OWN PEOPLE (by that I mean a messy ass black woman (even if she was directed by the higher ups on the show to bring it up, still unnecessary)) ambushes him on live TV while he’s trying to talk about a subject unrelated to that incident. And instead of doing what I would have done (had a cussing match ON SCREEN), CB holds his own proudly on screen and tries to deflect the verbal blows he’s being dealt….and then goes back stage, off camera, and has a tantrum then.

I, personally, applaud the man for keeping his cool for as long as he did.

Now, I don’t personally know Chris Brown, but for all it is worth from TV appearances, YouTube video postings, and Twitter Twitpics, the dude seems like a genuinely affable young man. He’s always smiling. He seems to like having a good time. But, he’s also still a very young dude. He’s got a bit more maturing to do in certain areas of life.

OF COURSE HE’S GOT AN ANGER PROBLEM! He’s barely out of the puberty stage, dang!!!

Anyway, I said all that because I wanna say that I believe that Chris Brown needs a genuine friend. And sometimes, I just wish I could be that for him.

Get off that lil dude’s case, dammit!!!!


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