Dating Priorities

Friday, I was reading the article “10 Types of Underrated Men You Should Consider Dating” via and here’s my rebuttal to the list….

1) I am 5’5″ tall…I CANNOT date a man as short as, or shorter than myself. Now, he doesn’t have to be in the 6 ft range, but he does have to be taller than 5 feet 6 inches tall. (However, I generally prefer the 6ft and taller gentlemen.) I don’t care that only 14% of men in the U.S. meet this category (as per the article). For all the men in the U.S., 14% is an extremely LARGE number.

2) I’m a pretty introverted person myself. It takes some courage FOR ME (!!) to step out of my comfort zone to approach a dude who may have approached me first. I’m gonna need introverted men to step outta the box a little bit more so that we can meet each other somewhere in the middle (or just to meet each other, dangit!)

3) What exactly IS “Flava” anyways? ((LOL))

4) For my own personal, PURELY personal, reasons, I COULD NOT ever date a non-black man. I don’t like the way white skin & black skin look together when two are just shaking hands. I’d have a hard time separating that visual dislike I were to ever “get physical” with a white guy. And two, I don’t wanna have to learn the man’s culture and shyt. I might end up doing something to offend him, or him me, not understanding my culture. And let’s not even talk about the name calling possibilities. No, I couldn’t date a non-black man (even though the name calling possibilities are still there). There are boundaries I am not willing to not cross. And I don’t want to have to worry about any of my boundaries being crossed.

5) The term “mama’s boy” should somewhere be clearly defined. I don’t mind dating a guy who “loves him mommy.” Really, there’s something to be said of a man who, as a grown, independent, adult male, still gives his mother reverence. However, if that man is still “suckling from the now-dried-up nipple” of his mama and hiding behind her skirt-tails whenever he has a situation that may be a bit difficult for him, you can miss me with that. And if dude is LIVING with his mom and we are the same age, he and I, I’m gonna heed him to pass me by. Yes, I may be missing out on a potentially great guy, but I need one who can prove that he’s got what it takes to live the “grown man” life with me, and not with a safety net that catches EVERY-DAMN-THING. Sometimes, dude’s gonna have to fall……….and get back up on his own.

6) I cannot do long-distance relationships. I need more together time than a long-distance relationship provides. Too much distance shortens that time. And I HATE to drive.

7) I cannot date an unemployed dude “hustling.” I don’t care where he works, so long as he’s receiving a LEGIT paycheck from somewhere.

8 ) Shoot, too young?? I’m thinking of becoming a “cougar”!! ((LOL)) But, seriously, I have this thing: I can date a guy who is (cut off) 10 years younger than me, but not one who is (cut off) older than 6 years. What’s that about? I don’t know, but that’s how I roll.

9.) I don’t mind dating a larger dude. I don’t mind dating a smaller dude. (I don’t really discriminate…LOL) My hang up is a dude whose skin hangs off his bones. “Skin-ty” dudes are a no-no. I also can’t date the dude who has no neck! By “larger” dude, I mean he can’t be over 300lbs and is only about 5’10…he’s gonna have to be taller than that to hold all that weight. And YES, I know my lil-short-roly-poly-self has little room to talk.

10) The “Cave Man” is gonna have to at least have some NON-STANK-ASS BREATH! I mean, dudes always asking if a girl is “shaved” and shyt…I can deal with a dude having SOME hair in THOSE places, but er um….If he’s harvesting a damn forest, and you can’t see shyt for the damn trees, I’m gonna need him to become good friends with Gillette. If he wants to have dirty nails…jacked up feet…ashy knees……………….. Man, let me not even front…Dude gonna have to do something with the freaking package. It don’t even cost but like $30 for a mani/pedi together. Work that out bruh…And er um…..Brush ya stank ass teeth…and don’t forget the tongue and upper mouth area. CAVE MAN is NOT the business.

So, there’s my list of dating the “un-date-able”. What do you have to say about it? Are there any physical cut-offs that are deal breakers for you?


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