Working from home is HARD work!

 So, I’ve been trying my hand at working at home. I created a business name: La-Shanta’s Typing Service (clicking the link will get you to my website). So far, I’ve managed to pick up one semi-steady client. I think that she’s happy with the service I’ve provided for her. At any rate, she pays me, I do the work she asks. It’s a great relationship. LOL

What do I do you ask? Well, let me tell you real quickly….
I type! I cut and paste, and type some more. I review websites and make note of any changes that may need to be done. I proof-read and edit. I WILL (haven’t yet, but it is one of my offers) type your manuscript, your legal documents, your personal and/or business letters. I do flyers, read and respond to email. I post pre-written articles. I post on certain social network sites, if you need.

I am in the position to do a lot of stuff on the computer. I’m trying to make my computer work FOR ME while I’m working ON IT.


Getting involved is really sort of hard for me. I don’t generally do all that well with “selling myself and my abilities.” I’m one of those people who just like to have my work speak for me.

I know that I won’t get far with that kind of attitude and thinking but man, believe me when I tell you: This ain’t easy!

Tonight, I was looking into trying to get on board at Seems that at some point, I’d tried that before (with no luck, I’d assume). On that site, there’s so much that you have to do. And I just can’t get into putting in a “proposal” for the job. It’s hard for me because there’s not a set form that you fill out. You have to make a bid on doing the job. You have to give good reason why you’re the right one for the job.

While I am very sure of my abilities, I’m not really all that sure about putting my abilities into words, so that I can end up putting them to work. And that’s sad to say…I have a really good way with words sometimes.

Anyway, I was also just looking in general at working at home doing typing work and such. Do you KNOW how many sites and how much information is out there?? OMG! Really, there’s TONS of reading material just to get you to CONSIDER working at home. It’s like a veritable sinkhole of information out there. I say sinkhole because there is SO MUCH INFORMATION one might feel that they are “sinking” in all the stuff out there.

And you can’t be sure what’s real, what’s scam, what’s worth it, or what’s crap. It’s so confusing!!

I just want to be able to make a little extra money by helping someone else who may need the kind of services I can provide.

(Especially since I rarely get out to do anything else.)

Anyway, I know I’ve asked before, but this time, I’m not asking about advertising. I’m just asking for some advise on how to navigate through the TONS of information out there. And if anyone knows how to really work, let me know.

Are there any work from home people out there???


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