Sharing a Prayer

I’m reading this book “If Men Are Like Buses, Then How Do I Catch One?” by Michelle McKinney Hammond.

Generally, I’m not one who likes to read “self-help” books of ANY variety. They all kinda just boil down to the same thing for me. And, though this might sound rude, un-Christian-like, or un-Godly… I can just read the Bible, and go to church for the spill that I get from most of those books.

But, this book was free.
I thought it was a novel by a black author.
The cover was colorful and catchy.

All THAT boils down to say is that I’m thinking that God WANTED me to read this book. As soon as I figured out it wasn’t a novel, I could have stopped reading it, but something compelled me forward. I’ve already found a few quotes that I wouldn’t mind going back to.

This book is, of course, about how to “get a man” but with Godly intentions, I’ll say. In it, I found a prayer that I completely feel compelled to share that also greatly touches my heart and explains to myself and God how I feel right about now.

It’s a prayer from the book at the end of Chapter 2: “Dressing For the Journey”… … …

Dear Heavenly Father, for far too long I have relied on the external and ignored the internal. I have used my body in inappropriate ways to get attention. I have masqueraded as someone I was not. I am weary from the effort of it all.
Inside I have died quietly, longing to be loved for just being me. I have been afraid to release the real me for fear of rejection, and yet you tell me I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Help me to believe that and begin again. Help me to strip away everything that is unnecessary and free me to be who you created me to be. Help me to rejoice in the way you made me and see my value through your eyes.
Remind me daily that when you formed me you said, “It is good.” I am good! Lord, I stand in agreement with you now. Tell me how to dress to be pleasing to you. Tell me how to groom myself to please the one you are preparing me for, that he too might see me as a good thing. I want to be crafted by your hand as a vessel beautiful to behold, yet bearing things within that are even more wonderful. Above all, Lord, help me to be a crystal-clear reflection of you, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”


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