Just updating…

Well, I haven’t posted anything in a while, and this is coming right from off the top of my head…I didn’t actually INTEND to type out a blog tonight, but since I’m here…I thought I might as well say SOMETHING. Especially since it’s not like I don’t have anything to say. We all know that I’ve got PLENTY to say, even if it’s just random stuff. (The blog page title is RANDOM Musings….)

Anyway, first and foremost on the top of my random list of things to talk about is the fact that………………………..

I’M GETTING A NEW HOUSE BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP!!!!!! Praise be to our glorious God!

About that…. A while ago, something like a year or two, I don’t quite remember, I was lamenting on Facebook about how I needed a home repair loan because my house was coming apart at the seams and I needed something to help me to be able to get the house fixed before it fell apart around my ears. A friend of mine, in life and on FB, (Marcus) told me about a county program that was being funded by the government to rehabilitate/restore homes in the area that had been damaged by Hurricanes Rita and Ike. He said I should put in an application with the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission and I thought “What the hey? All they can do is tell me “no”.” So, I put the app in and just before Thanksgiving last year (2010) I received a call telling me that my application had been approved.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear THAT news. After calming down from that excitement, I realized that it might be a while before the ball would actually get rolling, so I lost some steam but was still feeling extremely blessed about being approved for a possible (I didn’t know if the house would just get remodeled/fixed or torn down and rebuilt) new home.

Almost the last week of April arrives and I get a call from a dude named Harry (I’ll not forget him because he was very cute…and left-handed. It looked like he was in pain while he was writing) who tells me to come and sign some papers and to pick out the house plan. At first, I thought I was going to pick out everything, but it was just what the outside of the house was going to look like. Harry said that it could be 2 weeks to 2 months before I got another call to come in. I started packing and waiting…. and waiting…. and waiting…. and waiting. I felt like I was waiting so long, I was losing sleep. Not from thinking it wasn’t going to happen, but just from being anxious–I couldn’t wait to get official word that it WAS happening.

And then I did……. get word, that is. Last week, on Tuesday the 7th, The Daughter and I met with the contractor and a rep from SETRPC and signed papers and picked out house colors and what the inside walls and cabinets and stuff would look like. I was informed that I had 21 days to be moved out of the house. Let me tell you, I was outta that house by the weekend! LOL I’m sitting in a twin sized bed typing this in The Daughter’s grandmother’s (my EX mother-in-law) house.

I typed all this for a reason.
Well, as an update, yes…But for a deeper reason.
For encouragement that someone might need. I don’t know how many people actually read my blogs, but sometimes I try to reach out to folk thru my own personal experiences.

I started out in the house that is about to get torn down with my husband and my baby. We moved in renting. We split up; I kept the house. My landlord died and his wife (who was also old and didn’t want to have to deal with renters) sold all 5 of the houses they owned to one man. That man, after collecting my rent for a few months, informed me that he wasn’t really interested in being my “landlord” but if I was interested, he’d sell me the house, As-Is. I said, well, I don’t think my credit is going to swing it, but go for it. A bank can only tell me “no”.

I bought that house with bad credit. But let me say it this way: “God GAVE my bad-credit having butt THAT house, As-Is!” And I’m oh too thankful! I spent three nights in that house when Hurricane Rita hit. The house took some damage, but I was covered, by God’s grace AND thru insurance from National Lloyds. I evacuated that house when Hurricane Ike hit, but came to find it still standing with very minimal (I THOUGHT) damage. The HOUSE was unharmed, but the carport was a goner. LOL I have lived through many ups and downs in that house. And by my side… At my hand, in my heart, God has been thru those things with me.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. Your success is not determined by what OTHERS speak into YOUR life. Your success is determined by what you believe GOD is speaking to and through You.

I could have been stopped and shut down at every corner coming to this particular point in life, but I stayed true to the report of the Lord. I knew what my eyes had seen. I knew what my heart had felt. I knew what I THOUGHT was possible and impossible and could happen and couldn’t happen. I knew what I felt SHOULD HAVE happened and what SHOULDN’T HAVE EVER happened.

BUT, I BELIEVED what GOD said WAS going to happen (if I just continued to trust in Him.)

Something about trusting God. Don’t let nobody fool you….. Trusting God IS NOT EASY! Your physical self will want to falter at that trust many times because of what’s RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU…… If you let your physical self win, you could be cutting down your spiritual blessings with a knife that’s broken and jagged and not even all that sharp. If you trust God, trust God. It’s not easy, but do it anyway. It’s kinda like getting up to go to work: you don’t want to do it EVERYDAY, but know that in order to get paid, you’ve GOT to do it. Trust God like that.

That’s all I wanted to say…Without having written this before typing, I could be rambling on and on forever without stopping. LOL LOL 🙂


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