I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!



It’s official! MissMeandI’s blog is back in business!

And like the title of the blog says, It’s RANDOM MUSING!

And talking about random, let me just say…..I noticed that (except for my mother’s passing) I was keeping it on a sort of “tame” level. I was going through the handwritten blogs that I have but for whatever reason didn’t ever post.

ENOUGH of that!!

I think that I am able to express my opinion without being too splashy, too vulgar/obscene, or too offensive. I’m gonna post what I wanna post… From the word of the day, to a quasi-response to a blog I’d read earlier, or to just whatever passes my fancy at the time.

Of course, I still might not post everyday, but I’ll be more up to date than I have been late.

I hope y’all are ready for it!!




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