Do I Care?

I really think that I’m one of the very few black women who doesn’t take on EVERY single “racist”-possible activity/incident as a PERSONAL AFFRONT to me.

I tend to be less stressed in my life, I think, because I allow very little stress to enter into my life.

I read about the Georgia execution of Troy Davis, a black man who was executed for a crime that he may not have committed.
(I put it like that because I only began to hear of Mr. Davis’s story last week…I know NOTHING about it.)
And what did I do after my 3 and a half minute expression of shock that GA would seriously go through with that execution? I talked for about another minute and a half about the execution of the white guy who had a hand in the dragging death of James Byrd, Jr. (a black man minding his own business) right here around my neck of the woods in Texas. And then, I turned around and got to work.

Because, after all, what affects ME more: The executions of two men whom I’ve never met or meeting my own level of productivity for the day? Really, need I provide an answer? :-/

And then, before I went to bed, I prayed for peace and healing for the families of those who were executed.

I’ll never be able to take anything that doesn’t happen to me personally very, well……PERSONALLY.


Because to do so, in MY VERY LIMITED AND PERSONAL opinion, would trivialize the experience of the people those things ACTUALLY happen to. And, too, since I don’t know any of them personally in my REAL life, I don’t want to pretend to feel an outrage that I don’t…that doesn’t reach me…that doesn’t APPLY to me. That’s just mocking those involved and I’m not that shallow.

Perhaps, if I were read by a bunch more people and could direct some sort of step to some kind of change, then maybe writing a big blog about it would make some sort of difference.

But, I doubt it…… Troy Davis was STILL executed even after all the press and noise that was made in the weeks/months (?) that led up to the day.

But, let me tell you how I gather my satisfaction from such incidents…. (it’s commonly very rare, but it happens…) And I won’t explain it, I’ll just give you an example………………………………….
On yesterday, September 21, 2011, as Troy Davis (a “probably innocent of the crime for which he was executed” black man) was being executed in Georgia, there was the execution of a “guilty of the crime against a black man for which he was executed” white man in Texas.

To me, the balance was made on yesterday!
And what gives me the MOST joy is to know that through it all…through all the hate…through all the disappointment, tears, pain, and shock, my God STILL prevails! He STILL lives! He STILL heals! And He STILL provides!

And that’s why I can answer “YES” to my question.
I just can’t get into it like the other very well-written, indignant blogs I read all the time.


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