Bad Boy/Grown Woman

I saw this video with Niecy Nash (video link at the end of the post) talking about why women like “Bad Boys” and in the comments section, one person said that (s)he believed that women stuck with the bad boys because the women had not matured enough to BE READY for the nice, good guy.

I thought about that and I’ve wondered if that makes sense.

Since one chick in the video said about how much she checks her “bad boy’s” phone, email, letters, whatever all the time, I think that makes perfect sense.

It is MY belief that if a woman is still in the stage that she has to or WANTS to be checking up on her man, then she still in “little girl” mode and HASN’T yet matured to “grown woman” status yet.

I think that it takes an extra mature woman to even ADMIT that she’s out of the “bad boy” stage. Who wants to be treated badly ALL THE TIME?

As Niecy Nash said (something to the extent of), You are trying to hold on to a relationship with someone you know is going to do the exact think you don’t want him to do.

In my opinion, essentially what you’re saying to this guy is:

love you, but I distrust you MORE than I love you and I know you don’t love me as much, or near as much as I love you and I KNOW that you’re messing around on me. I just wanna know who I’m going to get to have a misery party with me, because I can’t get mad at you….you’re not going to care all that much.

And why ARE you holding on to this type of relationship that’s only going to leave you down-beaten, sad, despondent, pissed off, and bitter (at least for a minute)?

Because the sex is good?

Maybe it just makes you feel “some kinda way”?

Whatever your “reason”, it will always sound more like an “excuse” for you NOT to move up in status.

Stop wasting time trying to chase/keep some guy who isn’t ready to be caught……………………
Unless you’re still running yourself.

Why do women date bad boys


One thought on “Bad Boy/Grown Woman

  1. Women want bad boys because of the allure of not being able to get something. As soon as a person is told that they can’t have something, that person wants it. The woman allows for the guy not to totally commit himself to her, thus allowing part of him to remain unavailable, meaning the woman will want him, bc part of him is unavailable.

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