Well, What Is It?

I was reading this Facebook post that said “Sometimes there isn’t ANYTHING wrong with your relationship but its still time to move on…” and “… the relationship is ending simply because you need someone different…”

Now, I’ve got a huge question here:

If there’s nothing “wrong” with the relationship, but yet it is still time to “move on”, does this mean the relationship has stagnated, or stalled out, and therefore, something IS, indeed, “wrong” because the relationship has come to a point where it can’t grow anymore?

I know that’s a mouthful, but, I’m asking.

If there’s NOTHING “wrong” then why end the relationship?

AND, if one party tells the other that there’s nothing wrong with them, but that Party One needs “someone different”, isn’t that effectively telling Party 2 that, again indeed, something IS wrong with them?

And secondly, on that point, if you need “someone different” after however much time has passed in the relationship, haven’t you effectively wasted both y’all’s time? I mean, because if Party 2 HASN’T changed and NOTHING is “wrong” with the relationship, then you knew going in that you needed “someone different”…and you’ve just wasted your time by dealing, or trying to deal with this person that didn’t have the qualities you need in order to feel fulfilled in the relationship, and Party 2 has been going along all this time thinking that s/he is doing all s/he can to be what you need him/her to be for you.

Now, I’m not in a relationship, not a “man/woman with each other constant relationship” …and physical relationships don’t count here…(I don’t think), so if I’ve got a warped view of the relationship thing, someone should let me know. But, it is MY understanding that if there’s NOTHING wrong in a relationship, then there’s NOTHING wrong and there would be NO reason to just “end” the relationship. But, however, if YOU, as Party One, are not being fulfilled in the relationship, in whatever manner, then something IS wrong, and it’s not Party Two’s fault, but it’s going to be on Party Two’s heart/head/mind when you tell him/her that you just need something/someone different. It’s ALL your fault, but instead of telling Party Two that it’s YOU who is screwed up in the head, not knowing REALLY what you’re looking for, you place the blame, surreptitiously, on your mate who has been nothing, according to you, but basically perfect.

I just think that’s wrong.
Any comments? Wanna clarify some things for me? What do you have to say on it?


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