My Apologies….Are Not Necessary

There are only a few things I will not readily apologize for. Most of the time, I’m pretty good with the whole “I’m sorry/I apologize” thing, if I feel that I was wrong about something. (Even though I feel like even when I’m wrong, dammit, I’m right! LOL)


I will not ever apologize for things about myself that other people either don’t like, or don’t get.
Such as:
I will NOT apologize for my weight/size/height or any of the “shortcomings” that you (in general) feel comes with that.
If you think I’m fat/overweight/pretty but… then that’s just what you think and I suggest that you do one of two things: get over it or deal with it.
I am the size I am. I work hard at not GAINING anymore weight, but LOSING it just ain’t that easy and I’ve come to terms with that. This does not mean I’ll forgo any attempts to trim down, if I can, but it definitely means you can K.M.A. about trying to make me *feel* bad or like I need to do something about it.
YOU feel bad, I DON’T! Therefore, YOU apologize and leave me alone.

Another thing I will not apologize for is the fact that I talk loud. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m always looking for attention. No, I talk loud because I talk loud. In my family, we always have. Maybe I have a hearing problem. Maybe we all used to talk at the same time, so we had to get a little louder in order to be heard over others. In any event, I’m not a “loud” person. I’m not looking for the spotlight. I just happen to talk a little loudly and I’m not going to apologize for that.

And another thing!
If I said something and I KNOW that my saying it was going to hurt your feelings, offend you, or piss you off….Yeah, I’m not apologizing for that either. While I don’t do this particular thing very often, I absolutely will not apologize for it. Why not?
I rarely EVER say something I don’t mean. If the words came out of my mouth, then I meant what I said. There will be times when I meant exactly what I said, but not in the manner in which I said it…and I probably STILL won’t apologize about it if you’re mad about it.
However! If I said it, (yes, I meant it) but HAD NO IDEA it was going to hurt your feelings, offend you, or piss you off I will PROFUSELY apologize my ass off. I rarely ever set out to purposefully OR accidentally hurt someone’s feelings. Most of the time, that shyt is unnecessary and uncalled for. I will ALWAYS apologize if I didn’t mean to hurt you in any way. You need to know the difference. Because, I’m sure that my tone will tell you when to be *touched* and when I’m just holding conversation.

One more thing I will never apologize for is (are–word use??) my feelings. If I like you, then I like you for a reason. And why would I apologize for that? If I somehow dislike you, then hell, I figure YOU need to be apologizing to ME! LOL
No, I’m kidding, but seriously, if I don’t like you, then there’s a reason. ASK me about it and I’ll tell you and maybe, together, we can come up with a way to change those feelings. This also goes for how I might feel about *things*.

I will never apologize for my taste in music!
Just cuz you like ol’ whining ass sounding Drake and that wack ass walking disease looking Lil Wayne doesn’t mean I have to like those depraved ass Negros….or any others that I don’t like. And that mess y’all call Rap? Yeah, I don’t like that shyt either. I like some old school stuff, I like some of this new stuff….but for the most part, I’ll pass.

I will not apologize for my dislike and non-use of the “n” word or the word b*tch. Simply put, y’all can have that mess. Y’all can go ahead and disrespect yourselves, those you love, and those who came before you in order for you NOT to be disrespected; I choose to not participate  in that foolishness. As for the “B” word, I don’t even think women should ever use that word. I’m not a dog. I’m not a b*tch. I’m a grown woman and wish to be treated as such, thank you very much.

I will not apologize for not having something to say ALL THE TIME! Some times, as a woman, I just want it to be quiet. That is not a difficult concept to grasp for a female. ALL of us don’t wanna be a performing, talking, monkey while a dude (or other female) sits quietly, judging us by our chosen topic of conversation. If that means you’re going to judge me by my LACK of conversation, oh well, so be it. I win, or lose, either way.

Very importantly, I will never apologize for just being myself. I understand that at times I could be a difficult person to get to know….But, I am not an impossible person to get to know. I like simple shyt. I speak simply, even though my vocabulary is quite vast. My self is a very easy to get to know self. I like what I like, say what I mean, mean what I say and leave no puzzles to be solved in knowing me. You wanna know something, just ask. However, if you are not REALLY prepared for the answer, ask with care because I am NOT going to lie, and I am NOT going to later apologize for anything that ends up being said.

And last, but certainly not least, and it should have been the first thing on the list, I will NEVER apologize for my love, trust, faith, and belief in God. MY God has been amazing to me in my life. NO ONE can ever compare to what God has done for me. I will always put Him before everything else. Even when I want what I want…. Everything in decency and in order and God has that planned out for me.  So, don’t excuse me for my praise. Don’t pardon me for my prayers, and don’t think I’m about to apologize for either myself.

My apologies………..ARE NOT NECESSARY!


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