Is Fighting Really Necessary?

I was reading this blog on last Wednesday morning written by a guy who engaged another guy in a physical altercation because Guy #2 called Guy #1’s lady a “silly b*tch”. According to Guy #1’s story, first of all, he wasn’t there to hear this verbal exchange, and secondly, his lady asked him not to make a big deal about it and to just let it go. However, Guy #1 felt it was his “duty” to “defend his lady’s honor”. He explained in his blog that he didn’t want things to get physical, but knowing his temper and how men in general could be, the possibility was certainly high……and they did get physical.

Fast forward to the comments…………………

One chick’s comment caught my attention early that Wednesday morning and had been gnawing on my brain subconsciously ever since. In a nutshell she said that women {HER} need their men to show that they are fearless when it comes to “defending their ladies” and his unwillingness to get physical proves just the opposite. (She said some other crazy stuff, but here is why my blog comes in.)

The very first reaction I had to her comment was: A man does NOT have to be physical in an altercation with someone to prove his “fearlessness.” That’s pathetic to even think so….and for a person (man or woman) to VOICE it as a fact, makes that person very short-minded, in my opinion.

If a man has to get physical, fist-fighting, for his woman, in order to “prove” his fearlessness, then that man has no coping skills…and the woman who’s expecting fist-fights doesn’t either. And they both need to stay far away from me.

For one thing, a man might be proving to his woman his fearlessness with his *fists* while the person he’s engaging ain’t trying to have none of that. That person could wait for one lick and then call the police. Jail time and a record for assault could definitely screw up a man’s goals in life.
That person may take this physical altercation to a whole other level and bring a gun/knife to a fist-fight. Who’s losing? And….is the loss REALLY worth it?

And my biggest problem with this comment is that the chick was commenting on an event that concerned a VERBAL insult.

What woman can’t defend herself from a verbal insult? And is any kind of defending necessary when some random person wants to verbally insult her?
My mama used to tell me, when I would get into fights for some kid wanting to talk about my mama, “that child doesn’t know me. I know who/what I am. You know who/what I am. Let people talk. But if they put their hands on you…give’em hell!”
And after a while, I figured out she was right. Most of the time, those kids talking about my mama would even point out THE WRONG WOMAN in the crowd as being my mama. What was I getting mad for?

There really were no “fighting words” when it came to people talking about my mama. Especially when I KNEW they’d NEVER say the same things to her face. And too, I know that my mama had not only MY back, but she could handle up on her own when needed.
To that end, there’s really no “fighting words” when it comes to talking about me. So, verbal insults didn’t/don’t have much impact on me. Not even when directed AT me. If you were to try to insult me, I’d most likely just roll with it and might even do YOU a solid and agree with you.

If I’m with a man, and someone feels a necessary need to verbally insult me, I’d hope that dude’s reaction would go as far as asking politely (maybe not SO politely) for the person to “chill with that shyt”. And if it looked like things were going to go past that, I’d hope he’d have the good grace to bow out and just let us leave…………….

Unless they put their hands on him/me/us….THEN

HE NEEDS TO GIVE’EM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’re a woman reading, how do you feel about your man defending you from verbal insults? Is it a necessary thing that he step in for your “honor”? Or would you rather handle things yourself?
If you’re a man reading, do you automatically want to step in for your lady’s sake when it comes to defending her from verbal insults? Are you quick to jump fly when such a situation arises?


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