Just a little bit every now and again

As I have not written this blog out before typing, please allow me to apologize for any errors, typos, or slipped trains of thought that may occur in this blog post…. Now, let’s get into it:

Earlier today, I read a Facebook status update where the penner equated “casual sex” with “eating from the garbage”. And I SO DISAGREED with the post writer. However, I didn’t want to get into yet another serious discussion via Facebook this afternoon, I simply read the other comments and left my own to myself.

Here, I want to say that I LIKE CASUAL SEX!!! And I dare NOT compare it to eating from the garbage as some of the best sex I’ve had has been the NO STRINGS ATTACHED type.

Now, having said that, let me explain (or attempt to explain) my own personal reasons for this.

I think that there is a mighty big, a HUGE difference between “ho” sex and casual sex.

I think that NO ONE, not man, woman, boy, or girl should indulge in “ho” sex EVER…. E.V.E.R.!! Not ever never. That’s just too much nookie and way too many emotions being slung around all willy-nilly.

But, casual sex…this, like picking a permanent partner, takes some discretion. You can’t just have casual sex with everybody you meet. You’re gonna turn that into “ho” sex and lose all kinds of respect of self after a while.

It is my opinion, as a matter of fact, that until you MARRY your “permanent partner” you are still participating in casual sex. You’re divulging sensitive emotional effort in the sex department to someone your soul is not yet connected to.

Can you have a “committed relationship” and NOT be having “casual sex”? I don’t know, but I almost doubt it.
(I say “almost” because I desire to be in a “committed relationship” with ONE person that lasts for the rest of my life without me having to get married to do it. BUT, should marriage be on the table as a “make or break” kinda deal and I feel that I want to be with this HIM for life, then I’ll gladly consent to such a union…..But, I digress)

I think that folk look at casual sex as a way of degrading themselves. Especially women, since we’re the ones all the virtue-saving advice gets thrown at all the time.
(I’m not going to get into the spiritual aspects of why casual sex is wrong here…I’m a sinner saved by God’s grace…….enough said)

But, I think that people look at casual sex as a way of degrading themselves. I think that people put casual sex in a box of “ho” sex because they don’t know how else to¬†categorize¬†it. And that’s a shame. ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN!

Women who spurn casual sex are walking around here all tight and pent up because they’re STOPPED up…with unexpressed emotions, unreleased feelings, unspent desires.

I could go on and on about this but I’m just gonna end this un-thought-out blog by saying this:
Sometimes, you just need to have some SAFE, fun, and unattached sex, dammit!!! Enjoy it and move on. If you just so should happen to get attached to the person you’re unattached to…you should really let that person know before things get out of hand. ((LOL))

Nothing wrong with a bit of casual sex every now and again………………..


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