Granny Panties: Exploring the Myth

Let me start off by saying that this girl will NEVER wear/own/purchase a pair of thongs. I TRIED to wear a pair and was immediately uncomfortable with that lil piece of fabric between my butt crack. It was weird and like Kevin Hart’s new “Laugh At My Pain” standup, I felt like I needed a “safe word”….PINEAPPPPPPLLLLLEEEEESSSS!!!!! (and that was years BEFORE I’d heard the phrase “safe word”! LOL


I love to read. I just finished reading Janet Evanovich’s “Smokin’ Seventeen” (hilarious series from “One for the Money”…you should read them.)

In the book, Stephanie (the main character) has been hexed by her main boyfriend’s “evil-eyed” grandmother with the “vordo” which apparently makes one very horny. Attested to by Stephanie’s multiple romps with her main boyfriend and her other not so main boyfriend after a month long hiatus. To try and combat the hex, Stephanie’s “side kick” Lula (who used to be a “working girl” tells Stephanie to get herself some “granny panties.” Supposing that these bad boys would deter any man from wanting to get down with her once they’ve seen the drawers on her butt. Incidentally, when Stephanie’s main boyfriend sees the panties, he laughs out loud at her, asks her what in the world she’s got on her butt, laughs again, and then proceeds to rip her “granny panties” right off her behind and commences to get to doing what he’d come to do.

So……My question is this:

How much influence does a woman’s underpants play in a man getting the get on with her?
Does it really matter to a guy if the woman’s wearing a pair of thongs, boy shorts, granny panties, or no panties at all when it comes to having sex with her?
When does the panty play come in, if it really does matter?

Personally, I purchase panties that I’m going to be comfortable in all day. I know some women who swear by the thong. And I know some women who hate even the thought of a thong that’s not a shoe.
I like to purchase what I call “pretty panties.” Some of them are boy shorts, some are low hip things that I end up not wearing at all. Most are of the variety that will cover my WHOLE ass, regardless of the pantyline showing thru my clothes. I figure that when it comes to my panties, and a guy trying to get with me, he can’t SEE my panties until I undress and if when I DO get undressed and the style of my panties deter him from wanting to take them off me……Well, he probably wasn’t going to be any good to me in the sex department anyway.

(BTW, I’ve NEVER had a man NOT have sex with me because of the underwear I’ve got on. One dude got excited by a pair of undies I had on and told me how nice they were on me and could I please take them off. One guy just asked if I’d be pre-prepared by not having on ANY panties when we got together…one less step he’d have get through to get to what he was trying to get. But NONE have ever walked away because my panties covered ALL of me.)

So, the question again:
How much influence does a woman’s underwear play in a man getting the get on with her?
Is the “granny panty” myth REALLY a myth or something to take seriously for you?

Chime in!


One thought on “Granny Panties: Exploring the Myth

  1. It shouldn’t matter.some guys care but most do not. I’m 29 now but when I was 19 dated this smoking hot 36 yo professional type woman who wouldn’t wear anything but “granny panties” and it never bothered me. In their own way they can be sexy. As for thongs to each their own but if I wanted to stare at a string up some ladys crack id go to the strip club

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