“Going Through The Mess”

“Going through the mess to get to the blessing…”
Does your destiny grow with you?

Last week, I watched this T.D. Jakes sermon (thanks to one of my Facebook friends) “Grasshoppers Don’t Eat Grapes”. (If you haven’t watched/heard it, you should, but probably-for the actual sermon-you wanna start somewhere after the 35 minute mark, or Part 3.)

Pastor Jakes talked about how your perception of yourself might be hindering your obtaining your blessings. How you see yourself, could possibly, determine how you reach out, or don’t, for the things God is trying to bless you with.

He also spoke about God giving you a glimpse of what He is going to bless you with in the future. Jakes says that God will show you today what He’s going to give you 10 years from today and then place you back into the present time so that you can go through these times to get to that time.

In other words, God will say “This is what you WILL get. I’m giving it to you. But, in order to get to here, you have to go through there!”
Jakes said something like “to get to the blessing, you have to go through the mess.”

I say all of that to ask a question. But, before I ask the question, let me say something else.

Most of us go through a(some) mess and come out changed–wiser, smarter, more level-headed, older, possibly nicer, more in-tuned to our “grown person” status. As we go through our struggles, we change (hopefully) for the better, into a better person.

My question is this:
Does our destiny change with us?

Is what I glimpsed 10 years ago the same glimpse, or did it evolve as I evolved? Did it grow as I grew? Did it get wiser, smarter, as I grew into my “grown woman” status?

Or, did I get a glimpse of exactly what I was getting? Do I now have to shape my destiny to better fit me in these days 10 years later?

In Jakes’s sermon, Moses sent 12 men to scope out the Promised Land that God had promised to them. The men went, they saw, they picked the grapes, they were awed, they brought the grapes home to awe their people. 10 men reported back to Moses that although the land was as God had promised it would be, they couldn’t obtain that land because the giants would beat’em down before they could claim that land. Only two men were like “Come on! Let’s go get what’s ours!” Those two opinions were voted out and (at first) they all decided not to go through the mess that would produce their blessing.

I wanna know: would going through the mess cause the blessing to change according to the outcome of their struggle? Had they decided to fight the giants, it would have been on the giants’ territory, would the land somehow change to conform to the¬†Israelites new status after having defeated the giants? (It is undoubted they WOULD have defeated the giants, God already promised the land to them. But, He couldn’t just hand them the land, they had to fight for it—go through some stuff.)
Once going through the mess, it is also undoubted that they would have been changed in status and demeanor.

Therefore, would their destiny have also changed? Would the land have somehow changed to better accommodate their new selves?

In our lives, we’re promised certain outcomes by our God. He gives us a quick glimpse of what He has deemed to be ours after our struggle. Whether it be a job, a mate, children, home, state of mind, whatever. He promises us better…He promises us blessings after we push through our mess.

Do the blessings conform with us as we push through our messes to get to them, or do the blessings stay the same as we saw them in our quick glimpse, which causes us to now have to work with the new blessing to better go with who we are now at the end of coming out of the mess?


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