Why I Like The Internet


I’m not going to go into a real long introduction. This blog is just an explanation of why I like the internet…

Let’s get into it!

News on my terms. A few years ago, I completely stopped watching the news. Every morning AND every evening, I watched the news, I got a sad story. Somebody died; some child was critically injured by his or her parent(s); the “war on terror” claimed more U.S. soldiers’ lives than the week before, etc. After a while, the news just got to unbearable for me to listen to. So, I quit watching.
Now, I get my news from the internet. And I only read the headlines…the stories that pique my interest. If I hear about something at work that I want to know more about, I’ll Google it and get my news from there.

Music Lyrics. When I was a kid and wanted to know the words to a song, I’d have to try to catch it on the radio to record it and then sit and listen to the song over and over again, pausing, rewinding, and replaying the song’s verses while writing them down in order to learn the words. Sometimes, this could take hours.
Now, I can just type in the name of the song and get the lyrics online. (Incidentally, even if I didn’t know the name of the song, I could get that also by knowing some of the words of the song.)

Instant research. Used to be, if you wanted to learn something, you had to either own an encyclopedia set, or go to the library and do a real big search to find the information you were looking for.
Now, with Wikipedia and scores of other online sites, with just the information you want, your research is cut to minutes (or maybe seconds)!

Free Background Checks. Now, this one isn’t all THAT great, but you gotta admit that it is so much better than NOT knowing anything at all.
Basically, you can research anybody’s name and get SOMETHING. (Unless that person lives under a rock. LOL)

Games. I like playing cards, but I can’t really play worth the damn. Like, I know how to play Spades & Dominoes, but I can’t say that I’m going to ON PURPOSE beat anybody. But, if I play online, there’s no embarrassment in losing if I do. And, there’s no trash-talk involved that would make me feel like I NEED to do better. And, I can quit when I want.

Banking and bill paying. Man! I love that I can do this online. I can’t tell you when was the last time I paid a bill in person. (Excluding paying my property taxes.)

Online dating. I’ve never been a girl to wanna go out to clubs with the express purpose of meeting someone. With the advent of online dating, I could do a whole screening process of some very good-looking (and not-so-good-looking) men that I otherwise would have no access to.

Facebook and Twitter. OH EM GEE!! I am (not) addicted to Facebook and/or Twitter. I love being able to go online and read other people’s thoughts, comments to others’ thoughts, and ideas. Used to be, you had to be in the in-crowd, know someone in the in-crowd, and be invited to the 20-deep three-way phone conversation in order to even know what was going on in school.
Now, you still gotta be friends with folk, but since must people are really stuck on the number of friends other people see they have, so they’re going to most likely accept you. And even in the most extreme cases, you can still be in the know just by “friending” a few genuine people you really know.

Blogs. Last on my list, are the blogs. I love, love, love getting an even deeper view of other people’s opinion, in their own written words. I love to read. And, if this here blog isn’t evident enough, I love to write out my own thoughts on shyt, as well. Blogs, poetry, short-stories, random crap. I love having access to these written gems.

These are just a few reasons why I like the internet. Do you have any you could add to the list? Are there any on the list that wouldn’t be on your list? Chime in……….


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