What Makes a Hero?


So, I’m pretty sure that we have all heard, or read, about the dad in Shiner, TX who caught a man molesting his 4-yr old daughter and beat him to death… we’ve all heard about it.

This morning I read an article that proclaimed the dad was no hero for his actions.

Read THAT story here. Well, I beg to differ, ma’am.

To his 4-yr old daughter who, despite dad’s quick decisive, and final actions, will most likely, still re-live at least some of her experience during the attack. She may well be traumatized by seeing (if she did) her dad beat a man, but, I think that her heart and mind will be re-elated at the memory of how her father, her HERO, came in and saved her day.

The author of the article says that we might have felt like doing something like that but that actual acting may not be what we actually would do.

For a lot of people, I can see this being true. I can’t see it NOT happening for a lot of dedicated fathers. Men who truly and genuinely will lay down their own lives for their children, would absolutely (perhaps without hesitation) KILL for their kids.

Mothers, those who LIVE for their children would absolutely (perhaps without hesitation) KILL for their kids.

I shudder to think about what I, as a dedicated mother, would do if my child even intimidated to me that someone even tried to molest her IN ANY WAY. I’d come unglued!!!! But, to catch a muthachuka IN THE ACT?? OMG! I’m so sure as I’m sitting here typing this that I would KILL that S.O.B. WITHOUT HESITATION! Might couldn’t do it with my bare hands, but that sucka is going down!!

Would have and could have, in my opinion, don’t come in close in a race when it comes to protecting my child. I’d go to lengths to protect my child FROM MYSELF! To have to demonstrate the lengths I’d go to to protect her from other people could quite possibly land me in jail…. unrepentant!

As I see it, as a parent, when our kids face danger from someone, we have a right to defend our kids as we would defend ourselves. Consequences are for sure. NO DOUBT. But, that does not give you a right NOT to act.

Will the little four-year old girl be traumatized for seeing (if she did) her dad kill a man in the act of protecting her? The possibility is quite high on that point. Will she grow up knowing, not thinking but KNOWING, that her dad is her hero for saving her from much more pain and suffering at the hands of some strange man? HELL to the damn YEAH, she will!!

I’d like to say to the author of the article above, when you are protecting your family, you don’t SINK to the level of the criminal, you RISE to the outstanding responsibility of doing whatever it takes to keep your family safe.

Worth it? Maybe not morally for the “thou shalt not kill”, but surely justified beyond any argument, in my book!


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