Separation of God and Church

Richard Mourdock-R, running for one of Indiana’s U. S. Senate seats, says that “God creates life” even through the “horrible situation of rape.”

Now, the man DID NOT say that he believed that God intended for rape to happen, only that if a pregnancy occurred as the RESULT of rape, that the pregnancy is what God intended.

What I want to say is this:

You have to be a very STRONG Christian person (man or woman) to go with this. The WORD says that God WILL get His glory from ANY situation. And a pregnancy from rape would definitely be something God would get glory from….BECAUSE I do not believe that a woman (spiritual, religious, anti-Christ, or atheist) could see pregnancy from rape as anything but a curse.

Now, what does that say about a MAN who could look at a child born as a result of rape and call him anything but a miracle from God?

I’d say THAT is a man who is confident and strong in his faith.

But, looking back at all the “positions” the politicians take when it comes to pro-life or pro-abortion or what a woman should do with her body and whether or not she deems it fitting to bring a child into this world, I’ve come to this conclusion………..

With the whole “separation of God and State” whatever it’s called, I believe religion questions and other questions of the sort should be completely VETOED from ALL political races from here on out and forever.

There will NEVER be a “correct” answer and EVERYONE is going to screw it up.



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