Younger Men…With ME? Really?

I have been paying attention a lot lately.RainingMen

What I have noticed is that I get approached (online…no one ever approaches me in person) mostly by younger men. (And men old enough to be my daddy…. *shudders** whole other meaning to “call me daddy”, right? yeech!!)

Anyway, I was thinking about it and I’ve discovered that I have mixed feelings about being approached by younger guys.

On the one hand, I’m freaking FLATTERED that younger guys think I’m attractive enough to give me a shout out to begin with.
I mean, I’m a big, fine woman. LOL I, personally, think I’m cute as hell; but these dudes, they are all pretty consistent in describing me in looks-wise in a pay grade way above “cute”. I just smile and say thanks, even though I only half believe them.

Another reason I feel kinda good about the younger guys hitting on me is because it just makes me FEEL younger. If you know me, you will know that I’ve deemed to live the age of 17 in my head for the rest of my life, regardless of what age I live to be physically. HA HA

I think a part of me feels like since I was married with a child in my early 20s and then divorced with a child ever since that maybe I SHOULD deserve to be approached by, and experience dating, men in their early 20s and up.

But, then, on the other hand, the above sounds like hogwash to me and I feel like I should be ashamed of myself for even thinking of participating in such a thing.

How could I, at 37 (almost 38) years old, ACCEPT or even WANT to be dating some young guy in his early 20s and up? Why can’t I just stay in my own age bracket? Why would I want to invite the 20s drama into my late 30s life?

So, I did a little research into this matter and I’ve come to find out that…..


The problem lies in what mainstream society considers “taboo.” And, well, y’all probably don’t know how I feel about mainstream society and it’s opinions about anything at all.

For many reasons, younger guys are just more attracted to older women…especially, but not only, sexually.

Here are just a few reasons why older women would be attracted to younger men, though…

  • Younger men, some of them, are GREAT confidence boosters.
    After this summer, I really could use a bit of a boost in my confidence. Before this summer, I was pretty confident in my ability to get a guy I was interested in….Look where that shyt got me. I mean, hell, sometimes a girl just needs that extra lil umph…
  • Younger men, some of them, are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! OMG!!!
    And who doesn’t want to be looking at the epitome of sexual sexy while engaging in intense sexual sex? lol
  • Younger men, some of them, don’t really wanna be focused too much on the future and are pretty much okay with going one day at a time.
    How can that be so wrong, when relationships are supposed to be taken one day at a time anyway?

I have learned that life doesn’t much care what road in it’s journey you take; because you HAVE to take one. There’s no way, unless you die, you CAN’T take any of of life’s roads. Life just wants you to choose one. So, if your road in life is paved with mainstream society’s “taboo” tsk tsks, then so be it….if it’s okay with you.

You are bound to (meaning you HAVE TO) making your own happiness. You are responsible for whatever outcome that arises. It is okay if you mess it up. As long as you pick yourself up and clean up what you messed up.

So, for me, if I decide to truly embrace this epidemic of younger guys wanting to get with me, and one of those guys makes me happy and I make him happy…then I will face those circumstances as they come.

I already have the “approval” of the only person that matters: my daughter. And she knows that I will never put her in danger.

Younger men, older women?
It could be a new door to open.
Always be willing to try something new.


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