If It’s Not About the Nail…Then Don’t Tell Your Guy


So, I saw this little short video clip the other day titled, “It’s Not About the Nail.”
See it here: It’s Not About the Nail

In the video, the video is showing only half of this chick’s face and she is lamenting about some distress she is feeling and other internal fears she is having about something that is giving her problems.
When she is done talking, the video pans out and shows that she’s got a NAIL sticking out of her freaking head and she’s talking to her guy.

Now, of course, her guy wants to tell her how to solve her problem. He clearly wants to help her in the best way he knows how.
The best way he knows how is to tell her how to solve her very obvious problem. (Take the friggin’ nail out!!!!!!)

And…OF COURSE…her being an irrational woman, she DOESN’T WANT a solution to her problem; she just wants someone to listen.

Look ladies…………………………..

If it’s NOT about the stupid nail, then don’t…I repeat…DO NOT tell your guy.

EVERYONE…men, women, boys, girls, and lil ol’ ladies, EXPECT guys to be the provider, protector, and PROBLEM SOLVER!
You EXPECT your guy to be your provider. You WANT your guy to be the PROBLEM-FIXER.
And you tell him that….TO HIS FACE and from your reactions.
You make it pretty plain to him that, BAR NONE, you expect him to FIX SHYT!

So, if you don’t want your man to tell you to take the dang nail out of your friggin’ forehead, then don’t tell him (or let him see) that the stupid nail is causing you irritating problems.

Don’t get mad at the man that he doesn’t want to sit there staring at your dang forehead with a 2×4 nail stuck in your head listening to you moan, groan and complain (Bitch, Whine and Moan are completely acceptable triplets here also) about the obvious pain you continue to cause yourself by NOT wanting to make the obvious move to fix the problem yourself.

Men, when they are in healthy relationships, HATE to see their women in pain and will do whatever it takes to make the pain stop for them. You women, ladies, girls and chicks cannot fault the man for doing what you want him to do…even when you don’t want him to do it.

That man is doing his part.
You need to do yours.
If you just want someone to listen, tell your girlfriends, your mama, your siblings, (who are NOT guys)….tell SOMEBODY ELSE!!

Don’t tell the man whom you EXPECT already to FIX your freaking problems. That’s not fair to him and very inconsistent of you.

That is all….Have a great day! 🙂


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