What do you want?


An age old question, “What do you want?”
I read a book recently that started off with “Which would you prefer passion or comfort in a relationship?”

And of course, if you know me at all, I decided to examine how I REALLY felt about the question.

I’ve come up with this:
This is what I want…..

I want a man that I can be so comfortable with that even when I say something that he doesn’t quite agree with (or at all), he understands and just lets me have my say without ridicule or getting “all in his feelings” and getting mad. I wanna be so comfortable with him that I would not ever be self conscious about anything about myself. And I want to be so consumed with passion for him that every night is special, even if we DON’T horizontally dance!

I want to be swept off my feet, talked to and with with so much respect, lusted after like new ****** even after months, and maybe years of being together.

I want to LOVE! I want to WANT! I want to be THE REASON!!!!!!! (shout-out to Charlie Wilson!)

And I want to be that for whomever HE turns out to be!


As I pointed out the other night (and then promptly got ignored)…those things seem like they will only happen in a perfect world.
I mean, I might get one, but will have to compromise on the other.

And really, what fun is that?

But, whatever…..That’s what I want.

What do you want???


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