Your Tears…


I was thinking earlier today….

Yes, I was sorta kinda in my feelings, as my daughter would say, over the same mess I’ve been trying to forget about now for the last past year.

My ex-boyfriend asked me, before we were really a couple for that short time, if I ever cried.

I told him that I try not to put myself in a position to need to cry.

Why? Well, because, once your tears have fallen over whatever you were crying for, that situation is still there: Your family member passed away? Wipe your eyes and guess what? They are still dead. Your heart is broken over a failed relationship? Wipe your tears and guess what? That relationship is still over. You mad about something? After you finished crying, you are still mad.

The only thing crying does is give you a headache, makes your nose run, and makes you look nasty while you are doing it.

Yes, I cry…but I really try my best not to put myself in the position to need to cry. (save death of a loved one…kinda can’t control that one)

He asked me and I didn’t really wonder all that much why he asked.

A couple of months later, I cried for a month!

And today, I was wondering why?

Why do men need WET confirmation that a woman will actually cry for/over him in order for him to know that he never wants, AGAIN, to do anything to make her have to cry?

I hear so many songs that say “I’ll never make you cry again”, or “Let me dry your eyes, I’ll never hurt you again.”

Over the month that I cried, I personally heard, “I don’t ever want to make you cry again. I want to see your beautiful smile all the time. I don’t ever want to do anything that would take that smile from your beautiful face.”

(all I’m saying is if that’s the case, dude, you shoulda watched ya damn mouth and checked ya damn actions before you did the shyt you did….but neither here nor there……………)

And why is it just implied that a woman will take a man back after having shed so many tears? Endured so much pain? And SHE ends up being the one to apologize…………for CRYING!?!?! Really???

What am I missing in the relationship without the drama picture? What do I not get?

Is this particular pain part of a relationship growth? Or is there a difference in the tears a woman cries over a man and his actions towards her? (<– That probably didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I’m going from the top of my head here…not pre-written subject matter.)

Anyway, the point of my blog is this: Why is it that men feel like they need PROOF that a woman will cry for/over him before he never wants to see her cry again?


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