Making Extra Money

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For years now, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to make some legit extra money outside of my paid working job.

So far, I’ve started a little DBA (Doing Business As): La-Shanta’s Typing Service (
Mostly, I do resumes; but I’ve done a little bit of typing and some virtual assistance jobs for my (so far) one steady client.

I keep hoping that one day my little business will take off to where it actually supplements my income at least enough to float me from one pay check to the next with a little extra in the bank to smile about at the end of the month. (I’ll keep my fingers crossed.)

Anyway, I was looking online, since my mind still wonders about ways to make some extra money, and I’ve come across a few interesting prospects. I’m sure that I’m not going to do two of them, but someone else may be wondering the same as I am, so here we go.

This one is for super busy people who can’t seem to find the time to do the simple things that requires running a house. Things like going to the grocery store, or picking up the dry cleaning, or other small errands that they are just to busy to handle themselves. This type of job, in my opinion, is for people who are really good at handling all different types of personalities. Some people can be uber-grumpy, others way to nice. Some people are somewhere in the middle and it can be quite confusing. I think it would take an extra relaxed person to handle all these different personalities in order to do their “running around” for them. I would like to think that I had it in me, but I don’t even have it in me half the time to do my own “running around.” 🙂

My research shows that one could charge by the job or by the hour. Gas fare can either be included in the final charge, or charged separately. Maybe that would depend on how much driving one would have to do, I guess.

Since I’ve had my Kindle and have read so many free e-books online from Amazon, I have come to realize that so many people NEED some proofreaders. I’m just saying, if you’re a new author and you are trying to reach out to people all over the world, the absolute need for a proofreader is a great investment in one’s profession.

Now, I would LOVE to be a proofreader, but I think that’s gonna take some cash out on my part and right now I don’t have any cash to put out. However, I’ve been looking and there are a lot of community chat boards that are geared towards leading proofreader wannabes to the right places.

If you are interested, you should check out some boards.

And then there’s
This is one that I dabble in myself. I have one steady client that has me to post things online on a monthly basis. I will type up spreadsheets for later use. So far, for this particular client, that’s all I do, but as a virtual assistant one can help the person needing you very much. There is typing articles, creating/typing web content, retyping and/or editing books and manuscripts, building and/or updating blogs and content, answering phones, setting appointments, making travel arrangements, etc.

The virtual assistant is available to do so much for the client needing the help that one could make a pretty good bit of extra cash in this area. My advice would be to go for it!

That’s my bit on trying to make some extra money. I hope it helps someone.




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