Keeping The Blog Updated

Although there are things to report in my life on my blog, I rarely update this blog.

I wonder why that is?

In any case if you (still) follow me, here’s a very random post to put a smile on your face (maybe….It put a smile on my face.)

The other day, Monday, it was raining. Well, at this point, it had stopped raining. The Daughter and I were in the car driving home from the library and we spotted a rainbow in the sky.

I wanted to look at the rainbow some more, so when we got to the stop light, I looked around for it and said, “Did we pass up the rainbow?”

Without a pause or a second thought The Daughter answers back, “You can pass up the sky?”

I laughed a good hearty laugh at her witty humor……

I hope you at least chuckled a bit.

I’ll try to start updating on a more regular basis……. Bye


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