Just Stop, Girl…Just Stop

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On my blog, I don’t generally opine about the life and times of celebrities.  These are very rare pennings for me.  I mean, EVERYBODY else is doing enough of that, I don’t really need to add my 2 lines of “I don’t really care” musings.

B … U … T …

I was sitting in my bedroom listening to the TV in the living room play an interview (sorta following her around interview) of Miley Cyrus, and two things she said really stuck with me.

First, she had to keep reiterating how she really just wants “to have fun.”  Her being 19/20 years old, having grown up in the spotlight virtually all of her little life, I can get that totally.
But, she SUCKS at doing it with any kind of class. Or, in my opinion, in any kind of way that makes OTHERS, regardless of their age and/or race, want to do it with her. (unless they are insane and that makes it OK)

Miley Cyrus’s fun just looks retarded!! (No offense or reference to mentally challenged individuals who should NEVER even consider that word as having anything to do with them)

I never (very RARELY) use the B-word when referring to women (unless they do something completely B-word worthy!), so……………..
This heifer dressed up in a GIANT teddy bear costume and defiled what the freak a teddy bear actually represents by filming a stupid, almost vulgar video around it–the teddy bear!!

How stupid does she believe her “fans” to be to think that they actually APPRECIATED such idiocy? I mean, sure, MAYBE 12 out of 100 people might think that was cool/funny/fun (that would be the insane ones), but the rest of us are sitting around (1) wishing we could get those 4 minutes or so of our lives back and (2) jaws-dropped, wondering “Why, again?”

Make no mistake, Miley Cyrus’s TALENT is not in any question here on THIS blog.  I believe that the girl can sing for days.  She has an awesome country-twanged voice that I absolutely love.

But, her fun is STUPID!!!! (in the ORIGINAL definitional content of the word)

The second thing she said that stuck with me is that she wants people to “respect” what she is doing with her music, her career, her “fun”.

I want to say this to Miley Cyrus:
Sweetheart, you are not doing A THING respectful to be respected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, I NEED all those exclamation points)
Going on stage in a plastic “nude” suit that’s 6 sizes too small for your already really small body, shaking your “ass” (cuz you don’t have one) with your tongue hanging out of your mouth looking like a dog panting for air on a scorching summer day, and pointing your middle finger to the world is SO NOT respectful and should not in any way at all BE respected as musical art.
As a matter of MY fact, it should not in any way at all BE respected POINT BLANK PERIOD!
You most definitely SHOULD be ridiculed, laughed at, made fun of and called “dumb for that” to your face!
You making a video naked, riding on a wrecking ball and licking a sledge hammer is SO NOT respectful and should not be regarded as such. In OPPOSITION, it should be glared at with the side eye and wondered if you have generally “lost yo’ damned mind!”

Listen, I understand that Miley Cyrus, and every other star that started off as a kid, needs to grow up and find a way to gear their art towards the more mature audience, but you guys should remember that there are little ones behind you still looking up to you; grow up, but don’t forget to still be some kind of model that your fans’ kids can still look at with admiration. Just BE RESPECTFUL in order to be respected.

And lastly, I did not hear this during the interview, I saw a meme that quoted Miley as saying something about skin color NOT being a factor/the basis of being a N-word!

SMDH with so much disappointment at this person.

Talk about an outrageous statement from a completely DISRESPECTFUL teenaged kid who has led a pretty sheltered life even if she has spent a lot of it in the spotlight.

ARE YOU EFF’N KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!? Did these words actually escape your mouth? And was there NO ONE around to tell you that you have OFFICIALLY stepped over the line of being outrageous for shock-value? Do you have NO ONE in your corner to protect you from yourself?

Miley…I won’t jump all over her case for the statement, but let me just say that I am glad that I don’t purchase music today.  However, as a 38-y/o black woman, I will certainly NEVER purchase another Miley Cyrus song/CD/Album.  At some point, Miley Cyrus will have to grow up for real and be an adult.  Until then, I’ll steer clear of what she’s got going on before she actually does, in some way, end up offending me.

I would like someone to stand in her face and say, Miley Cyrus Stop! Girl, Just Stop!!


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