Together We Stand


This past Thanksgiving day for me and my family was pretty good.

My oldest brother and his family FINALLY made it down to my house from Austin and we all enjoyed each other.

As usual, I went to pick up my dad and my sister from Galveston so that they could come down and we could all be together. However, my sister couldn’t make it–again. Last year, she was sick and couldn’t make it. This year, she CLAIMED medical issues and when she found out that our oldest brother was coming, she completely shut me down.

That’s sorta what this blog is about today.

For a very old, and very personal reason, my sister CAN’T STAND our oldest brother.   It is an old hatred that goes back when we all were LITTLE kids.  She is very pissed at him because she believes he screwed up her life by making a bad decision.

I’ll admit…even I think it was a bad decision; but I also believe that it should not have been a decision that he should have HAD to make on his own. He was in double digit age, but he wasn’t old enough to understand all the repercussions of his decision.

And yet…she STILL can’t forgive him for it.  I think that what her main issue is is that she wasn’t afforded the same chance to make the decision on her own behalf.  That’s probably MOSTLY what eats away at her.

Anyway, having said that………

Family is such a fragile bond.  We are bound to each other whether we like it or not……whether we like each other or not.  We cannot change who our family is.  We might can ignore them for years at a time.  We may even can hate them for a long time.  But, in the end, we are blood and nothing can change that.

You should stand firm and together with your family.  Differences arise in any relationship.  No one can escape that.  You have to go through when you go through.  But, to just harbor a dislike and resentment for your blood (who can’t do anything about it years later) is silly and it’s gonna eat YOU alive.  You won’t really be able to breathe right.  And all the while, your blood kin is living the life he/she has pieced together to live for themselves.

I will be honest here and say that I don’t generally like being around my daddy and my sister.  The two together are so much alike that they often want to hurt each other.  I spend the majority of my time with them playing referee…..and I’m the YOUNGER sister.

I don’t enjoy being around them often, but I do enjoy the little time I spend with them.  I have such a great time when ALL of us get together (including the youngest brother).  I enjoy it even more now because I know how precious life is and how short it can be.  When my mom passed away, I wanted to make sure that we who are remaining spend at least one holiday a year together because we DO love each other and there is nothing that stops us from being together.

Family should stand together.

I realize that family is not always made up of the people who share in your bloodline.  Family, friends of family, close associates, and those who would be there for you when your own won’t generate a familial bond that, most of the time, can’t be broken.

“Together We Stand” is a slogan for this country.  And this country was built on family values and other things that hold a family unit close.  That should be a slogan for all families everywhere.

Don’t let differences, petty or otherwise, separate you from the loved ones in your life.  Don’t let past hurts keep you from your own brothers and sisters and moms and dads and uncles and aunts.  If those past hurts are something that CAN break the bond….let the bond be broken, but don’t hold on to the hurt in your heart.

If you can’t stand with your family, don’t let them make you fall.


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