All Crooked (roads) Turn Straight


All crooked roads turn straight when you give ACTS accordingly.

Jesus, in Matthews 6:9, teaches us how to pray to our Father when we are having our personal conversations with Him.
It took me a little while to understand this; and I finally got it after I had read it point blank period in a book on prayer…of all things. LOL

We are to first Acknowledge our God for the many things He is to us:
Our provider, Our healer, Our spiritual joy giver, Our Father, Our peace, Our giver of life, etc…
You know what God is to you…Give Him that acknowledgement when you start your personal talk with Him.

Next, we are to Confess our sins to God.
Yes, God already knows our hearts. He knows what we’ve done before we knew we were going to do it. He sees us, our acts, our deeds, our sins. The confessing is not for God’s sake….It is for our own cleansing purpose. To speak it out loud means we know what we’ve done and (supposedly) are sorry for doing it and are repenting for those sins. Confessing is like forgiveness: It’s for our own good, not anyone else’s and certainly not to catch God up in our lives.

Then, we are to Thank God. Yes, we’ve acknowledged those things He is to us already; now we are thanking Him for those things he has done for us. We are thanking Him for all those things we know we wouldn’t have, those places we wouldn’t be in, those circumstances and instances that we know we wouldn’t have survived had it NOT been for the Lord on our sides. We give God thanks because He deserves it, for not giving us what WE deserve!

And lastly, we are to offer our Supplication for others. Supplication is defined by as an humble prayer or petition (basically…there are other words there, I just picked those). This is the instance where we choose to pray not only for ourselves and our needs, but the needs of others. Our friends and families, world leaders, homeless people we don’t know, people we know who are going through…. Here is where we show that we are not so one-sided, even though our problems seem to take up our whole front-facing view of life. Supplication is the time when we ask God to not only bless us, but to bless and keep all those around us and under His sun as well.

ACTS…. Make prayer an action verb!!!


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