So Many Questions, Not Enough Answers


I’ve had a computer in my home since 2003. Initially, I just wanted the computer so that I could have something to do in my free time and not be so bored at home because I don’t generally watch a lot of TV. (And I don’t really have a “personal/social” life… oh woe is me).

I started out just browsing the net looking for stupid stuff. I learned what a blog was on Yahoo! 360 and I found out about MySpace,, Twitter, and Facebook. (and online dating, but I believe that’s a blog for a different day lol)

Eventually, I started to want more from my computer experience and I started trying to learn how to make my computer work for me. I went back to school online. Finished with a degree in Paralegal Studies from Kaplan University Online. (don’t know how lucrative that is working out for me…lol)

And though I’m well versed in all things simple in the computer field, I can’t seem to get a jump on what to do to get this computer making me money.

Let me not mislead, I’ve got a home based business. It’s called La-Shanta’s Typing Service: Let Me Handle Your Typing Needs. (clicking the link opens the page…Or you could also visit

I’ve been successful enough in getting a few resume typing jobs, a couple of re-type jobs, and a proof-reading job. I have one steady client that I work for by posting things online for the client on different websites and on Facebook. Once, I even did a posting job for Twitter for my client.

But, all that and I still haven’t really gotten a foot in the door with getting anything successful underway.

No, I don’t count my prior successes as failures, but I would really rather be so much farther ahead.

So, like every other freelance writer who has tried and tried again, I began looking into forums, reading blogs, and trying all the suggestions that end up wanting me to send money in order to get “coached” the right way in getting a foot in the door of this internet business.

I have a problem with all those people and websites that suggest they can give me 12 to 50 tips on jump-starting my writing business …. as soon as I can give them 40, 50, or 100 dollars of my money so they can send me a book! The biggest one being that they always seem to JUST want to take my money. I cannot count how many times I’ve been scammed into sending $20 here or $10 there for what always is presented as a chance to make X-amount of dollars in no time flat.

Do I want to get rich quick? Nah…I don’t really even have the desire to “get rich”. I just want to be able to make a little extra income without having to quit my day job (which I happen to like very much, thank you.).

I find that the more questions I have, the more questions I get back instead of answers. I want to learn where to go to present myself and my abilities/skills in the best light online and the answers I get back are “send me such and such amount of money and I’ll tell you what NOT to do.”  Or, the answer is “send me such and such amount of money and I’ll tell you where you can go…” (mostly to bed crying because like a fool, I sent in my last amount of money only to get a “frozen computer screen” after my credit card or back account has been charged and there’s no way to contact the person who just jacked me for my piece of change.

So, there are more questions than answers when trying to learn how to work from home. All those websites even add “testimonials” of people who have had such great luck with their program, coaching skills, or advice.  All that to me is just one big giant running scam! Everybody wants the money. Just once, I’d like to come up on someone with advice I CAN USE without trying to swindle me out of my little bit of cash.

And really, if the information was even A LITTLE BIT HELPFUL, I might not be so mad that my little bit of cash has disappeared into someone’s pocket/account who could care less about what I want/need/could’ve done with that bit of money myself.

That’s my rant.

If you know of a way that I could find out LEGITIMATE information on working from home that doesn’t separate me from what little money I might have, I’d love it if you could share it with me. I’d share it with someone else, and we could all be “paying it forward.”


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