New Year, New _ _ ?


My post is a few days late, but seeing as how a whole new week won’t really start until tomorrow (Monday, Jan. 6th), I figure I am still “on time”. LOL

So, what will you do differently in 2014?

When 2013 rolled in I had completely stopped drinking alcohol. After making myself sick in August 2012, I can’t even look at a drink without thinking of that night. I don’t want to drink and that’s cool with me.

My mind is still steady on one male person, but I’ve stopped obsessing over him in 2013 (not until late in the year, but it happened).

I worked out more in 2013. I gave up right around October, but I did work out more. I would like to do MORE in 2014. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep that thought and turn it into action.

I started 2013 with quite a few clients for resumes for La-Shanta’s Typing Service. I am determined to get it going even more so.

I don’t stay focused on much. That probably won’t change much.

I don’t have a list of things that I will or won’t do in the coming New Year, but I do know that I will try to be a better me than I have been.

Not a new me in the new year, but a potentially better me than in 2013 had to offer.


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